Rachael's Mission

Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

Rachael's Picture

Rachael's Picture

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Temple

Rachael decided to receive her endowment at the Draper Temple. I personally loved this choice because it was a more intimate and personal experience. We arrived in time to take a few pictures. Upon entering the temple a kind sister guided us the entire time. She first took us to the recorder's office. He showed great interest in Rachael  and her mission. No one was in a rush and it reminded me of my wedding day in the Manti Temple. From the recorder's office we were escorted to the Bride's room. After receiving her initiatory, Rachael and I met with Sister Brown, the matron of the temple. She shared with us that new endowment instruction is the favorite part of her calling as the temple president's wife. She congratulated Rachael on her mission call and also asked her questions about her mission. She instructed us for almost an hour and I cried lots of tears. I was touched by what she shared. She talked about the words "faithfulness" and "perfect." She said the word "perfect" is never mentioned in the temple.  She said the Lord expects us to be faithful. We show our faithfulness by repenting daily and using the Atonement. As we become more experienced in the gospel, we don't worry so much about what we've done wrong but look at what we're doing right. This is how we maintain our hope. We must move forward on the escalator that is constantly trying to move us the other way. She shared the parable of the laborer and how all were paid the same. It did not matter if they had worked all day or a just a few hours. They were paid the same. We can all obtain the Celestial kingdom whether we've  had the gospel our entire life or received it just before we die. My mind turned to Carolina and her family when Sister Brown told Rachael that she would be opening the door to the Celestial kingdom for many people  on her mission. When Sister Brown was done with her instruction, she took us up to the Telestial room or world and we waited for everyone to join us. Soon the family was with us-Frederick, Dad, Ryan and Sharon, Brent and Amy, Michele and John, Stephanie and Sonia. After finishing the session, I was, of course, crying as we met in the Celestial room. I cannot even begin to imagine what it will be like on the other side as we are welcomed and as we welcome those who are coming. We spent some quiet time contemplating and talking in the Celestial room. Rachael went around and thanked and hugged each person that came to support her.


We arrived at Kneaders too late so we gathered at JCWs to celebrate with everyone!

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