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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

Rachael's Picture

Rachael's Picture

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 28 (How Do You Plow a Straight Line?)

Dear family and friends,

Well this week has flown by! I can't believe it! We've had so many wonderful laughs, smiles, and moments where we have met some amazing and also a couple of crazy people! Same old same old in Duranguito!

Monday: We went to the museum in centro "450" and learned about the past 450 years of Durango and Mexico. It was awesome! The best part was the Scorpion room! They had tons of tiny poisonous scorpions! They also had a few of the gigantic ones that were as big as my hand! It was crazy!! I do not want to find one of those in or near my house! We also bought 'tela' (fabric) for our dresses! Yay!

Tuesday: We went to see Baltazar. And I have to say, the change we have seen in him is amazing! He started out as this old grumpy tired man and now he is happy and smiles and laughs all the time! The gospel truly has such great power to change and bless the lives of everyone if they only accept it into their hearts! This is why we need to share the gospel because it will bring the happiness and blessings that everyone desires in life!

Wednesday: Nothing much, but I did meet a crazy man today! He makes caskets for the dead (maybe that's why he's a bit crazy). Basically he expressed his love for my beauty and his desire to marry me. OK........well, I'm afraid I cannot acquiesce to your request. And then we left, as QUICKLY as POSSIBLE!!  It's as if these people have never seen blonde hair! ;)

Thursday: Second Entrevista con Presidente Ramos. Again, it was short, sweet, and simple. I was in there for about 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure I hold the record for shortest entrevista ever with Presidente ;). Others are in there for 15, 30, 60 minutes! I have no idea how they have so much to talk about! ;) I guess I just have few words to say to Presidente.  Later in the day we went to see Baltazar and we finally got him to say an affirmative 'yes' to be baptized!!! Wahoo! We almost jumped up and danced for joy we were so happy!

Friday: We went to see Baltazar again to ask him the Baptismal questions. When we arrived at the Palabra de Sabiduria, he told us that he would not stop drinking coffee. He has stopped smoking and drinking, but coffee. No. Oh it was terrible. We tried for about 2 hours to help him commit to stop. We tried everything! But it didn't matter. So we had to drop him. I have to say he broke my heart. I loved this man (unromantically) and I had such great hopes for him and now they are crushed. I admit I cried a little. I was so close to more happiness than he could even imagine!

After the lesson we found a wild Scorpion on their curtain!! I definitely never wanted to see one THAT close up! But it was a cool experience which I never hope to repeat. And I hope I never find one in our house!! :) The rest of the day we went cruising around town pushing Hermano Felipe in his wheelchair! We love Hermano Felipe.

Saturday: No much although it did rain for about 10 minutes! It was glorious! We ran in the rain with plastic bags over our heads. We looked real professional ;) Best feeling ever to have rain!

Sunday: Picked up my dress! And it is gorgeous! Now just waiting for the other.

Monday: (Today) We had emergency transfers, so Hermana Santiesteban had to pack quickly and go to another area. Sad, I will miss her. I liked her a lot.

Well a member told me a story this week. He told me that there was a young farmer learning to plow. He set his point at the end of a row and aimed his plow directly at it. However, when he looked back his rows were crooked. He tried again and again, but each time his rows were crooked. An experienced farmer looked on and then gave him some advice to make the perfect rows. He told the young farmer that he not only needed a point at the end of the row, but he needed a second point even farther out to help him make it to the end and keep the row straight. When the young man did that, his rows were perfect.

This relates to our life because, yes, we need goals, we need to make it to the end of this life. However, we need to do it with an eternal perspective. We still need to look even farther in our lives and look at what is going to affect our eternity. We are here to gain eternal life, not to just make it to the end of this life. When we look at things in an eternal perspective, it keeps us on the straight and narrow. It keeps us on course so that we can make it to the end and receive all that the Lord has prepared for us!

I think about this a lot. I think about the eternal perspective and how I can really reach my full potential, here, in this life. That is why we are here-to try to reach our full potential. I don't know the answer to this right now, but I will do some research. If we can all reach our full potential in life, we will be blessed beyond what we can imagine and have unending joy for the eternities!! 

Well there is my food for thought! I hope you all have a wonderful week and that things are going well for each of you!

Love you!

Hermana Lutze

P.S. Third of the way done with my mission! Wow! I can't believe it!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week 28

Querida Hermana Lutze,

Espero que todo esta bien alli en Mexico! We are doing well. Life, of course, is never dull! I picked up Hannah's prom dress Friday and it now looks like she will be going with one of Yosh's friends and Yosh will go with Delaney Dahl instead of the stag group of 16. Natalie is always busy reading, playing the guitar or piano and with friends. She was at Aubrey's house last night. I'm so glad she has good friends. Jakob went on a camp out Friday night and they came home early. They were in the Sand Dunes and there were really high winds! He's been busy with soccer and school. He's now working on his Eagle. I can't believe he's progressed so quickly in one year. He's not even 13 yet. I think by the end of the summer he should have most of his Merit Badges and be working on his Eagle Project.

Stephanie has been in town picking up Marissa and dropping off Kyle. In the end Kyle didn't stay. He needs help! Please pray for him every day! He seems very depressed and anxious. I hope they can get him on some medications! Marissa has her surgery on May 13th so pray for her as well and for Stephanie that she has the strength to get through all of this! I think I might try to go out in June if I can work my schedule out! We'll see. 

Dad and I went out on a date last night! AMAZING! We saw the movie, "The Finest Hours" which was fantastic and then went to Texas Roadhouse and Chilis. After a few rolls and they kept telling us they were out of everything we ordered we left and went to Chilis. Dad's chicken was dry there but they made it right by bringing out new and then gave us a free dessert. Now that's service.

it's been raining off and on here so I've been out in the yard in little bits of time to get spring clean up done, fix sprinklers, etc.

I bore my testimony last Sunday on the Sabbath day. I received many compliments which is funny because I didn't think I had spoken very well. It just goes to show that the spirit is the conveyor of our words to the hearts of those that are listening. I've been rereading the Conference talks and was inspired this morning by a couple of them. I love President Eyring's talk "Where Two or Three are Gathered." I know you know this from being on your mission. It is so true that He is in our midst when two or three of us our gathered. That's why you have companions. He quoted other scriptures that I love... D&C 88:62-63 seek, ask, and knock.These are all actions on our part. He went on to talk about the Parable of the Sower and the word being the seed and the ground is the condition of our hearts. I know you see this with those you come in  contact with on the mission. It is the condition of their hearts that allows the gospel to penetrate their souls.President Eyring testified, "If you listen with the Spirit, you will find your heart softened, your faith strengthened, and your capacity to love the Lord increased." I love how he concludes, "True testimony will be given to the speakers. Their words may be few, but they will be carried into the heart of the humble listener who has come to the conference hungry for the good word of God... The promise that the Lord will give us words in the very moment applies especially to testimony." I was just thinking about the member you were with one day and how she later commented that she didn't know where the words came from... The Lord blesses us with those words as we move forward in faith and share our testimony.

I love you Hermana Lutze! I'm so grateful for your service. Even though it's hard it is definitely worth it!



P. S. Melissa Wilkinson just finished her mission in Japan and Jaden Howell received his call to Singapore

Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 27 (Learn to Dance in the Rain)

Dear family and friends,

Well, not much happened this week.

Monday: We found out that Hermana Santiesteban and Hermana Martinez had to leave for Torreón the following day. What!? Apparently Hermana Martinez had to renew her passport. So we prepared for that. Also, we prayed at the grocery store for a ride home and "ding" ....."Missioneras, can I give you a ride home?"......"Why yes! of course! We would love a ride!" Heavenly Father really does answer all our prayers.

Tuesday: Well, my compañeras took a vacation to Torreon and Monterrey while I went to stay with the Hermanas Lideres in their area. 

Wednesday: The Hermanas Lideres woke me up at......5:30!? What are we doing up at 5:30? Well , it turns out they play basketball in the morning. So we went to play with the rest of the zone. It was actually so much fun!! I still have a lot to improve on in my game. Note to cousins: need to practice basketball when I return. I don't think that will be a problem knowing my family ;) The rest of the day was good and normal. It was the usual hot, windy, sunny day.

Thursday: I was still at the house of the Hermanas. We bought these amazing giant donuts today for only 4 pesos! Best day ever! Then I met up with my companions again in the afternoon. We went home because Hermana Martinez was sick from all the traveling. 

Friday: Really nothing, again. Our area was like a ghost town!! There was no one!

Saturday: Today was a great day! We didn't have to contact anyone! Everyone contacted us! "Hey misioneras!" Everyone decided they wanted to talk to us and so we took advantage of the opportunity and taught them as well. ;) Today Hermana Martinez and I also secretly plotted a surprise birthday party for Hermana Santiesteban. We missed her birthday in March, so we decided to celebrate it now. We bought a cake and a blouse she liked and made a beautiful card for her! It was perfect! When we brought her home she was so surprised!! The best surprises are the unpredictable ones. ;) This was highly unpredictable, for many, many reasons. I will give more details when I'm home ;).  Anyways, we ate cake and watched a Mormon movie. It was a great birthday night!

Sunday: Nothing really happened today either. However, church was good! Two people walked into our meetings and said they were interested. Well, that is every missionary's dream! However, they were not from our area. So sad. We need more of these 'escogidos' in our area.

As for spiritual thoughts this week... Well, actually, something that has been impressed upon my mind a lot lately is tithing and fast offerings. My parents have always taught me about tithing and fast offerings and had me participate ever since I was young. We received our allowance and we immediately paid our tithing. This has helped me form a habit out of it, so that now, when I'm on my own, I just pay my tithing. At home, I never really saw much of the blessings, but now I can see them so clearly and so abundantly. In my home, we never wanted for anything. We always had enough. Even when hard times came we still had enough. I can see how in college I always had enough money for books, food, tuition, rent, night on the town. I always had enough money and I never stressed about money. Paying tithing put money in perspective for me-that money really isn't the most important thing and so I never really stressed about it. I paid for what I needed and saved the rest and I was always fine. Also, I miraculously earned enough money to pay for my mission. Really, I only worked from May until September to earn enough money for my mission. It was literally a miracle. Then, here in the mission, I always have an abundance of money. Even when my companions have none, I always have an abundance, I always have plenty. I truly know that when we give of our substance, not thinking of ourselves, but thinking of the Lord and trusting full-heartedly in Him that He will provide for us. He will always care for us and ensure that we have enough, that we are happy and comfortable and want for nothing. We read of the promise in Malachi 3:10, "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat  in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a   blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it."

The key here is that we must bring our tithes WILLINGLY. We have to bring them rejoicing and with a full heart and then we have to prove Him. Trust in Him. Do exactly what He asks and then sit back and watch as He pours down blessings from Heaven. When we don't trust in our Heavenly Father, we hold up an umbrella and prevent Him from truly blessing us. WE only see the rain and get a little wet on our shoes, but we really don't EXPERIENCE the rain. So this is my invitation to you-trust whole-heartedly in the Lord. Do exactly what He asks and then learn to dance in the rain and truly experience this joy. Learn to fully receive His blessings so that you can fully live your life and experience the greatest joys! Life is too short to not dance in the rain! We came here to obtain a body and experience life. What greater way to experience life than with the blessings of God beautifying your path!

I love you all and hope all is well! 


Hermana Lutze

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 27

Querida Hermana Lutze,

I hope this week was as great as last week for you and your companions. How long with you be three? I saw a picture of Elder Osborne on KSL last week. He was standing next Elder Hamilton that was killed in Taiwan.. I looked at the picture and said, "That looks like the guy Rachael went to prom with..." I don't know if you heard about the death in your mission. I guess Elder Hamilton's foot missed the pedal on his bike and he was pulled under a car and was killed. :( Sorry I know that's not great news but I thought you might want to know since you know Elder Osborne.)

Life here is crazy busy as usual. We're two weeks away from go live with our new EMR at work, so work is incredibly busy. Here at the house we're working hard in the yard... it's that time of year to clean out flower beds, fix sprinklers, and plant new plants. Shawn is finishing our cabinets in the kitchen and an entertainment center for upstairs... so there will be much work associated with that as well. 

Hannah continues in her boot. I just let her be off crutches. It's been one month this week. We found a prom dress for her. She's excited to go with this group of 16 girls. I'm so glad she's not letting the fact that she didn't get asked to prom hold her back! She's been busy with school and work.

Natalie has been busy with choir, piano, and guitar this week. She just told me last Sunday that she wants to take violin now! We'll see... She enjoyed a party at Morgan Rowley's house on Friday. I'm glad she has a good group of girls to hang out with. I'm not as worried about her knowing the friends she has chosen.

Jakob's busy with school, soccer, and space missions. They lost their game yesterday. I cannot wait to get him off this team. We'll have him try out for an Arsenal and Surf teams in a few weeks. I'm not sure what that will look like with the new age brackets.

Well enough of my rambling... We did pick Stephanie and Kyle up at the airport on Thursday. He's here to attend Spring semester. We all went by Marissa's apartment that night to surprise her for her birthday. She happened to be outside and came running when she saw Hannah. She recognized her on crutches. Hannah threw her crutches to the ground and they gave each other a big hug while Marissa cried. Kyle had lied to her and told her they weren't coming to see her that night for her birthday. It was a great surprise.

I want to end with my testimony on the Sabbath day. I'm leaving in a few minutes to attend the 23rd Ward conference and I've been asked to bear my testimony of the blessings of keeping the Sabbath day holy. Thus the topic is on my mind...

Rachael I testify that Saturday is a special day because it is the day we get ready for Sunday and preparation is so important. I also know that Sunday is an extremely special day because it is the day we get ready for the rest of the week. We receive so many blessings when we observe it properly. We are renewed and refreshed. It is a day to re-center ourselves on Jesus Christ. It is a day put on the full armor of God in preparation for the battles in the coming week. It is a day to stand still and know that I am God. I know that as we are obedient to this commandment, we are blessed with a greater ability to obey all the commandments. We have greater strength to do this. Let me share with you three experiences regarding the blessings our family has received from keeping this commandment.

1 Do you remember when I worked extra shifts while we lived in the apartment? I made a commitment to Heavenly Father that I would not miss any church meetings even though i often worked the night before until 6 am. We were blessed. We had the money we needed because I was always able to get the extra shifts even though we didn't have many patients on the unit at the time.

2. Do you remember dad always taking you to church from the time you were babies on the Sundays that I worked? (Even if you went with hair that didn't look so great.) He learned this from Grandma. She always took them to church even though Grandpa did not attend. What an incredible example to you and your siblings of the importance of attending our Sunday meetings? This behavior of church attendance will be perpetuated for generations to come. 

3. Do you remember me talking about partaking of the Sacrament at work? My weeks were always very different after working on a Sunday when I could not partake of the Sacrament. About 15 years ago that changed and we were able to partake of the Sacrament at work. This was life changing for me. My week went better. This is when the sacrament became personal for me. Imagine having someone kneel on a cold, hard hospital floor to say the sacrament prayer just for you...

I love you and I'm so grateful for your desire to serve and to serve with all of your heart, might, mind, and strength.



Look at Alma 58:11 and read it in relation to the blessings we can receive as we keep the Sabbath day holy!!! Helaman is talking about the blessings they've received as they received additional strength for their army but isn't that what we receive on the Sabbath day.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 26 (Finally...a fortune cookie with great insight)

Dear family and friends,

Wow! Another week has just flown by! Well, I have been in a trio this week and at first, I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. But in reality, we have seen so many miracles!! We have worked so hard and it has really paid off. I love my companions! They are like best friends from college! I'm going to have connections in all parts of the world! Woo hoo!

Monday: Hermana Martinez arrived. We literally rearranged the entire apartment to fit the three of us in! Our house is way too tiny for 3 people. But it's okay, we are being creative in how we live together.

Tuesday: We had our Zone Conference which was awesome! We always have amazing zone conferences. This time one of the Elders put his hymnbook in front of the projector to block it. A few minutes later we discovered that the bulb had burned through at least 30 pages of his hymnbook! It looked like the Diary of Tom Riddle in Harry Potter. ;) 

Wednesday: Today was swimming. We met a woman named Margarita who really has great potential! She was interested in the Book of Mormon from the start. We actually gained 8 new investigators today. We also contacted my first drug lord. So that was exciting! As we were talking with him, about 10 different cars passed by and to all of them he said, "in a minute, in a minute." Yah... your selling drugs, how lovely. Pretty sure the address he gave us was false, darn it! I need to fulfill my dream of  converting a drug lord ;).  

Later in the day, once it was dark, we were walking home when we saw Hermana Belen and Debany walking in front of us. Debany is a convert of Hermana Martinez. We saw them up ahead and decided to sneak up on them. Just as we came up behind them, they saw 'something' following them. They both jumped, ran, and screamed!!! It was so funny! We got them so good! Afterwards, we hugged and repented of our sin, but it was just too great an opportunity to pass up! 

Thursday: We contacted a Cristiana? we think-of what religion we're not sure. Let's just say she did not like the Book of Mormon. She really battled hard with us. She didn't win but she was very defiant. It is so much fun to be a defender of the truth. We all need to be defenders of the truth. No, not all churches are good. There is only one that will bring eternal happiness. No not all baptisms are fine. There is only one place with the authority. No, Christ is not the same for all churches. This is the only church that has the truth and is His church. He is the head of this church.We must help them understand why this church is the only true and living church.

Friday: This was literally the most amazing day yet!! We went on splits with the members. (We almost had a three way split but one member cancelled.) Margarita and her family accepted a baptismal date of the 14th of May!! And Hermana Santiesteban and Hermana Gloria contacted the wife of Fernando (Family Limones who we contacted earlier.) She has read the Book of Mormon and they want to be baptized too!! We ended the day with 6 baptismal dates! (So we had 10 in total as of Friday.) We also gained 10 new investigators!! We saw so many miracles. I can't even begin to write them all down but I know the Lord is finally revealing some of His chosen ones!!

Saturday: Nothing really really interesting happened today.

Sunday: We had 5 investigators at church!! Hermana Margarita and her 4 sons came to church alone!! It was actually funny because they arrived and were in the other ward´s sacrament meeting. When we finally showed up, we couldn't find them. However, one of the counselors told us someone from our ward was in there. So we went to go look and there they were!! Elder Black and his companion were sitting one row in front of them. When they saw us and then saw the investigators leave, they began to laugh. Yes, their only investigators left and went with us ;). This family is so amazing!! They really have the desire to be at church. In addition, Kevin  (family Limon) went to church with us. So we ended the week with 5 baptism dates for the 14th of May!!  This week was incredible. I can't even describe it, but I hope we have more weeks like this! I really hope we can baptize these 2 families!!

I have learned so much this week! First of all I learned more about being a peacemaker. Hermana Martinez and Hermana Santiesteban have been companions in the past and didn't get along. Hermana Santiesteban was actually really worried about this trio. I was too, for a while. But I have learned this week that I am a peacemaker. I am the middle person that they both like and really I have helped keep the peace and their relation has improved tremendously!! In one week we have grown so close! I would consider us best friends!! We should be able to be friends with everyone, to  live in peace and love one another so that we can have joy. With this peace and love we really have accomplished great things this week. Miracles have been wrought! 

I also received a fortune cookie that actually had some good insight. It said "Courage is the MASTERY of fear-- not the ABSENCE of fear". This is one thing I am really learning in the mission. We all have fears-fear of things we have to do in the mission, fear of people, fear of what is happening at home, fear of the future. For everyone it is different. Those who have courage are not those without fear. They are actually those who face their fears, who master and conquer their fears! They are those who overcome their fears. They have always said in church that faith and fear cannot coexist and that is true.  We need to have faith in God, trust in him and conquer our fears. We need to have faith in him and not fear.  "Fear not, for God is on our side!" We can really do anything!! We are unconquerable with Him!! So be of good COURAGE, trust in God and conquer your fears. Trust in his power and goodness!

Love you all!!


Hermana Lutze

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week 26

Querida Hermana Lutze,

Estamos contentos con las cosas estamos esuchando de ti! Esperemos que esta semana fue muy bien!

Yes, it was crazy busy as usual. We came home Sunday from St. George and turned around and left for Goblin Valley on Thursday with lots of work at work and at home in between. It was Spring break for the kids and we finally made it to Goblin Valley with the Millers. We hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon which was an awesome slot canyon! Of course, Hannah hiked it on crutches in her boot! She was determined to go! We spent time in Goblin Valley as well, playing in the Hoodoos... We walked between them, climbed on them and played a few games like monster tag and sardines. We, of course, missed having you there but know you are where you need to be! We're so proud of your dedication and hard work! We found out last night that Alexandra is pregnant with a little girl. So you will have another little cousin when you come home. She's due in November. :)

I want to know more about your rebellious phase? What were you terrified of?

I've been reading in Helaman and eventually 3 Nephi. Emily was telling us that these two books also actually speak of our day and what will happen before the Second Coming of the Lord. It's really interesting to read them with that in mind and to see how it is happening in front of our very eyes. I was thinking of you and all missionaries as I read Helaman 5:8. Helaman's desire for his sons as they preached the gospel... "That ye may not do these things that ye may boast, but that ye may do these things to lay up for yourselves a treasure in heaven, yea, which is eternal, and which fadeth not away; yea, that ye may have that precious gift of eternal life." and of course 5:12 is one of my all time favorite scriptures... "And no, my sons, remember, remember that is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." He goes on to relate that they taught with POWER and AUTHORITY in verses 17 and 18. As you know, you too, were given that power and authority when you were set apart as a missionary!

We love you! 



Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 25 (I Love My Mountains!)

Greetings from Hermana Guera!

Apparently that is my name because everyone just says "Hey Guera....." or "Guera...." and then they start talking to me. I have also had quite a few people declare my beauty to me. I guess if I can't find a husband in America I can come back here and there are plenty of options ;). It is also a good contacting technique. Just "flip the hair" a little, they talk to me and then I invite them to Church! ;) Jk.

My week: Well we worked, very, very, very hard this week. I am literally exhausted and my legs are done. My legs better be sculpted after all this walking! ;)

Let's see...

Monday: Nada. We went to district meeting which was great as always! My compañera rocked her Scripture of the Month in English!

Tuesday: Today was absolutely AWESOME! We taught 11 lessons-8 to investigators and 3 to other members. We found 6 new investigators and set a baptismal date! We visited with a contact (Sandra) and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! Yay! However, the rest of the week we couldn't find her in her home to teach her! So her date fell. But it's OK, we are going to work with her this week and she will be baptized and partake of all these wonderful blessings that we have! We called our Hermanas Lideres that night and they didn't believe us! They couldn't believe we had had these numbers!!! To be honest, neither could we, but this is what happened!!

Wednesday: We taught people and found more new investigators. Hermana Najera, an eighty year old member,  accompanied us today.  She has this wonderful, fiery testimony!! It was so amazing to teach with her because she bore such a simple, direct and therefore powerful testimony! Later she told us how she didn't even know where those words came from and that God was speaking through her! It just goes to testify of the power of members! She helped us gain 3 new investigators today!

Jueves: Nothing really happened out of the ordinary today.

Friday: Another very successful day! I love seeing how the gospel changes lives-how someone can change from being closed off and hard-hearted to being open and humble! Today we met a woman named Sonya. At first she kept saying, "No, no, I'm Catholic...." But as we talked about the power and authority of God, covenants and the temple, she began to humble herself and accept us. I hope that the missionaries in her area will have success with her and help her make these amazing covenants!

Saturday: Really not much happened today either but General Conference was awesome!

Sunday: Awesome General Conference! They all declared that this is the true church and no other church has the authority! And that Jesus is Jehovah! There is no denying it now! Today we were really rejected. So I said "Hola" a lot to my companera. ;) because she was the only one that listened. Even so, we did encounter some wonderful people today. My companion and I talked even more about the power and authority of God. This is one thing people cannot say they have, but we can. WE HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY OF GOD and no other church has it. We are the only ones that can effect these ordinances so that they are valid on earth and in the heavens. We talked with a Testigo and that was the topic that he could not reason with or conquer. Others can say they have prophets or apostles or scripture or revelation but none can truly say they have the Priesthood-the Power and Authority of God. The more I learn, the more obvious it becomes that this is the true church of God-a church of order, a church of miracles, a church where God can carry out his work.

Well, that is all that really happened that I can remember. This week was a blur. I will try to be better at remembering!

However, I haven't forgotten about the mountain and I have been thinking about it a lot this week.

First, I was thinking, well, a mountain is huge and normally we can see it coming. However, in life we are blind and walk by faith. Therefore, the Lord prepares us daily for these mountains (or problems). He prepares us so that when they come we succeed. We can climb the mountain and be successful. Who knows what the Lord is preparing us for right now! We should be preparing ourselves as well.

Second, I was thinking about why we climb mountains. So many of us love to hike, enjoy the scenery, get away from the world and be alone in nature. Well the problems in our lives are there to help us do just that. Our mountains (problems) help raise us to a higher level in our lives and help us separate ourselves from the world and draw closer to our Heavenly Father. We may feel like we are going down and falling at times, but we should only be going down to our knees in prayer, so that the Lord can work in our lives and lift us higher than we ever imagined!

Third, the first rule of hiking is always hike with someone else. We must always hike with a buddy! And what greater buddy than our Heavenly Father who knows everything? We also have good people in our lives that we can rely on in times of need.

Fourth, there is a path prepared to make it to our destination. We don't have to go cutting through the wild. The path is clear, marked, and the safest route. We only have to be willing to listen to the Lord and travel the path he indicates.

Fifth, when we have reached our destination, we feel accomplished, powerful, and pleased. We can see what we have accomplished and can say that is was worth the climb-worth the effort and that we are better off for climbing.

In our mountains, don't stray off the path and don't try to make your own path. I did that once, in my "rebellious" year in college and let me just say it was not very fun. There were points when I was actually terrified. Luckily I was with other people that helped me but the lesson learned was always stay on the path. God has a plan that is perfectly laid out for us. It is our job to be humble and follow the path. Follow the path that leads to eternity. Follow the path that will bring happiness and success. With His path we cannot fail and we will pass through much more quickly than on our own. These mountains or problems may seem hard, but I promise there is an end. I promise that you can make it. I promise you will not be alone. You will overcome it and be so much better than when you started! One of my favorite songs is "Beautiful Heartbreak" by Hilary Weeks. It talks about these mountains and how we can climb them and find our place of peace.

So this week, go climb the mountain, stay on the path and go to be closer to the Lord. Don't quit in the middle of the journey. Make it to the end. After all is said and done, one thing I know is that it will ALL be worth it.

Well, I love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Hermana Lutze

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 25

Querida Hermana Lutze,

Espero que esta semana fue mejor! We've been busy with you guessed it... work at home and at work. I spend most of my time on the new computer program at work. Hannah's leg is slowly getting better. They are all working hard in school. I put a deposit down for housing at the Riviera for Hannah. We'll see if anything opens at Heritage. Jakob's team won on Thursday.. not sure about his game  yesterday because we were in St. George  helping Brent and Amy in their new house. It's really nice and has great potential!!! It's in a cul de sac.  Dad helped paint shelves and I worked on curtains and design ideas. I hope they liked some of them. I've been reading in Jeremiah this week and thinking of your mission. I especially like Jeremiah 3:14. He will truly take one of a city and two of a family. Jeremiah 16:16 in which missionaries are fishers and hunters. You are seeing the fulfillment of these prophecies. You are also seeing the fulfillment of Jeremiah 5:21-25 and 17:5-8, 10, 13-15. I love you! Have a great week!



P.S. Bruno's missionary address is popping back to me. Looks like he came home early?