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Rachael's Picture

Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 25 (I Love My Mountains!)

Greetings from Hermana Guera!

Apparently that is my name because everyone just says "Hey Guera....." or "Guera...." and then they start talking to me. I have also had quite a few people declare my beauty to me. I guess if I can't find a husband in America I can come back here and there are plenty of options ;). It is also a good contacting technique. Just "flip the hair" a little, they talk to me and then I invite them to Church! ;) Jk.

My week: Well we worked, very, very, very hard this week. I am literally exhausted and my legs are done. My legs better be sculpted after all this walking! ;)

Let's see...

Monday: Nada. We went to district meeting which was great as always! My compaƱera rocked her Scripture of the Month in English!

Tuesday: Today was absolutely AWESOME! We taught 11 lessons-8 to investigators and 3 to other members. We found 6 new investigators and set a baptismal date! We visited with a contact (Sandra) and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! Yay! However, the rest of the week we couldn't find her in her home to teach her! So her date fell. But it's OK, we are going to work with her this week and she will be baptized and partake of all these wonderful blessings that we have! We called our Hermanas Lideres that night and they didn't believe us! They couldn't believe we had had these numbers!!! To be honest, neither could we, but this is what happened!!

Wednesday: We taught people and found more new investigators. Hermana Najera, an eighty year old member,  accompanied us today.  She has this wonderful, fiery testimony!! It was so amazing to teach with her because she bore such a simple, direct and therefore powerful testimony! Later she told us how she didn't even know where those words came from and that God was speaking through her! It just goes to testify of the power of members! She helped us gain 3 new investigators today!

Jueves: Nothing really happened out of the ordinary today.

Friday: Another very successful day! I love seeing how the gospel changes lives-how someone can change from being closed off and hard-hearted to being open and humble! Today we met a woman named Sonya. At first she kept saying, "No, no, I'm Catholic...." But as we talked about the power and authority of God, covenants and the temple, she began to humble herself and accept us. I hope that the missionaries in her area will have success with her and help her make these amazing covenants!

Saturday: Really not much happened today either but General Conference was awesome!

Sunday: Awesome General Conference! They all declared that this is the true church and no other church has the authority! And that Jesus is Jehovah! There is no denying it now! Today we were really rejected. So I said "Hola" a lot to my companera. ;) because she was the only one that listened. Even so, we did encounter some wonderful people today. My companion and I talked even more about the power and authority of God. This is one thing people cannot say they have, but we can. WE HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY OF GOD and no other church has it. We are the only ones that can effect these ordinances so that they are valid on earth and in the heavens. We talked with a Testigo and that was the topic that he could not reason with or conquer. Others can say they have prophets or apostles or scripture or revelation but none can truly say they have the Priesthood-the Power and Authority of God. The more I learn, the more obvious it becomes that this is the true church of God-a church of order, a church of miracles, a church where God can carry out his work.

Well, that is all that really happened that I can remember. This week was a blur. I will try to be better at remembering!

However, I haven't forgotten about the mountain and I have been thinking about it a lot this week.

First, I was thinking, well, a mountain is huge and normally we can see it coming. However, in life we are blind and walk by faith. Therefore, the Lord prepares us daily for these mountains (or problems). He prepares us so that when they come we succeed. We can climb the mountain and be successful. Who knows what the Lord is preparing us for right now! We should be preparing ourselves as well.

Second, I was thinking about why we climb mountains. So many of us love to hike, enjoy the scenery, get away from the world and be alone in nature. Well the problems in our lives are there to help us do just that. Our mountains (problems) help raise us to a higher level in our lives and help us separate ourselves from the world and draw closer to our Heavenly Father. We may feel like we are going down and falling at times, but we should only be going down to our knees in prayer, so that the Lord can work in our lives and lift us higher than we ever imagined!

Third, the first rule of hiking is always hike with someone else. We must always hike with a buddy! And what greater buddy than our Heavenly Father who knows everything? We also have good people in our lives that we can rely on in times of need.

Fourth, there is a path prepared to make it to our destination. We don't have to go cutting through the wild. The path is clear, marked, and the safest route. We only have to be willing to listen to the Lord and travel the path he indicates.

Fifth, when we have reached our destination, we feel accomplished, powerful, and pleased. We can see what we have accomplished and can say that is was worth the climb-worth the effort and that we are better off for climbing.

In our mountains, don't stray off the path and don't try to make your own path. I did that once, in my "rebellious" year in college and let me just say it was not very fun. There were points when I was actually terrified. Luckily I was with other people that helped me but the lesson learned was always stay on the path. God has a plan that is perfectly laid out for us. It is our job to be humble and follow the path. Follow the path that leads to eternity. Follow the path that will bring happiness and success. With His path we cannot fail and we will pass through much more quickly than on our own. These mountains or problems may seem hard, but I promise there is an end. I promise that you can make it. I promise you will not be alone. You will overcome it and be so much better than when you started! One of my favorite songs is "Beautiful Heartbreak" by Hilary Weeks. It talks about these mountains and how we can climb them and find our place of peace.

So this week, go climb the mountain, stay on the path and go to be closer to the Lord. Don't quit in the middle of the journey. Make it to the end. After all is said and done, one thing I know is that it will ALL be worth it.

Well, I love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week!


Hermana Lutze

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