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Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 26 (Finally...a fortune cookie with great insight)

Dear family and friends,

Wow! Another week has just flown by! Well, I have been in a trio this week and at first, I wasn't sure how it was going to work out. But in reality, we have seen so many miracles!! We have worked so hard and it has really paid off. I love my companions! They are like best friends from college! I'm going to have connections in all parts of the world! Woo hoo!

Monday: Hermana Martinez arrived. We literally rearranged the entire apartment to fit the three of us in! Our house is way too tiny for 3 people. But it's okay, we are being creative in how we live together.

Tuesday: We had our Zone Conference which was awesome! We always have amazing zone conferences. This time one of the Elders put his hymnbook in front of the projector to block it. A few minutes later we discovered that the bulb had burned through at least 30 pages of his hymnbook! It looked like the Diary of Tom Riddle in Harry Potter. ;) 

Wednesday: Today was swimming. We met a woman named Margarita who really has great potential! She was interested in the Book of Mormon from the start. We actually gained 8 new investigators today. We also contacted my first drug lord. So that was exciting! As we were talking with him, about 10 different cars passed by and to all of them he said, "in a minute, in a minute." Yah... your selling drugs, how lovely. Pretty sure the address he gave us was false, darn it! I need to fulfill my dream of  converting a drug lord ;).  

Later in the day, once it was dark, we were walking home when we saw Hermana Belen and Debany walking in front of us. Debany is a convert of Hermana Martinez. We saw them up ahead and decided to sneak up on them. Just as we came up behind them, they saw 'something' following them. They both jumped, ran, and screamed!!! It was so funny! We got them so good! Afterwards, we hugged and repented of our sin, but it was just too great an opportunity to pass up! 

Thursday: We contacted a Cristiana? we think-of what religion we're not sure. Let's just say she did not like the Book of Mormon. She really battled hard with us. She didn't win but she was very defiant. It is so much fun to be a defender of the truth. We all need to be defenders of the truth. No, not all churches are good. There is only one that will bring eternal happiness. No not all baptisms are fine. There is only one place with the authority. No, Christ is not the same for all churches. This is the only church that has the truth and is His church. He is the head of this church.We must help them understand why this church is the only true and living church.

Friday: This was literally the most amazing day yet!! We went on splits with the members. (We almost had a three way split but one member cancelled.) Margarita and her family accepted a baptismal date of the 14th of May!! And Hermana Santiesteban and Hermana Gloria contacted the wife of Fernando (Family Limones who we contacted earlier.) She has read the Book of Mormon and they want to be baptized too!! We ended the day with 6 baptismal dates! (So we had 10 in total as of Friday.) We also gained 10 new investigators!! We saw so many miracles. I can't even begin to write them all down but I know the Lord is finally revealing some of His chosen ones!!

Saturday: Nothing really really interesting happened today.

Sunday: We had 5 investigators at church!! Hermana Margarita and her 4 sons came to church alone!! It was actually funny because they arrived and were in the other ward´s sacrament meeting. When we finally showed up, we couldn't find them. However, one of the counselors told us someone from our ward was in there. So we went to go look and there they were!! Elder Black and his companion were sitting one row in front of them. When they saw us and then saw the investigators leave, they began to laugh. Yes, their only investigators left and went with us ;). This family is so amazing!! They really have the desire to be at church. In addition, Kevin  (family Limon) went to church with us. So we ended the week with 5 baptism dates for the 14th of May!!  This week was incredible. I can't even describe it, but I hope we have more weeks like this! I really hope we can baptize these 2 families!!

I have learned so much this week! First of all I learned more about being a peacemaker. Hermana Martinez and Hermana Santiesteban have been companions in the past and didn't get along. Hermana Santiesteban was actually really worried about this trio. I was too, for a while. But I have learned this week that I am a peacemaker. I am the middle person that they both like and really I have helped keep the peace and their relation has improved tremendously!! In one week we have grown so close! I would consider us best friends!! We should be able to be friends with everyone, to  live in peace and love one another so that we can have joy. With this peace and love we really have accomplished great things this week. Miracles have been wrought! 

I also received a fortune cookie that actually had some good insight. It said "Courage is the MASTERY of fear-- not the ABSENCE of fear". This is one thing I am really learning in the mission. We all have fears-fear of things we have to do in the mission, fear of people, fear of what is happening at home, fear of the future. For everyone it is different. Those who have courage are not those without fear. They are actually those who face their fears, who master and conquer their fears! They are those who overcome their fears. They have always said in church that faith and fear cannot coexist and that is true.  We need to have faith in God, trust in him and conquer our fears. We need to have faith in him and not fear.  "Fear not, for God is on our side!" We can really do anything!! We are unconquerable with Him!! So be of good COURAGE, trust in God and conquer your fears. Trust in his power and goodness!

Love you all!!


Hermana Lutze

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