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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 13

Hermana Lutze,

I enjoyed last week's e-mail. It's good to have emotional melt downs every once in awhile because they help us to re-look at our priorities. They help us to see if our desires and actions are congruent. I had to laugh about the goat. I had a few similar experiences on my mission and yes the Elders were much more into it than I was. I'm happy for the people of Mexico... they will get rain now that you are there. We should call you the "Rain Woman." :) We Google Earthed your address just to see if you were telling the truth about the castle and the witch weather vane. I've attached the picture. :) There's another yellow house across the street? At first I thought that was yours until I remembered your description. I liked your workshop analogy and being one of His favorite tools. I know this comes as we ask in humility and then act. We will be directed to where He needs us.

This week has, of course, been another busy one. I worked the first three days like crazy and then went to Michelle's dad's funeral on Thursday. Afterwards I did initiatories at the Mount Timpanogos Temple. I was able to get a couple of tickets to the Provo Temple Open House on Saturday, January 31st. The pictures I've seen so far are gorgeous! Dad and I planned an Anniversary trip to Logan in March. I'm going to take him to Angie's. :) We took Christmas down all day Saturday and then decided to take the Entertainment center downstairs. It looks so empty up here. We'll be getting bids soon to have one built.. It will be nice to have something different and to actually use the downstairs. Hannah got her first CNA job on Thursday. She walked in, filled out an application, interviewed, and was hired on the spot at the Ashford center across from Lone Peak High School, Natalie has been working on her guitar, organ, and piano. She is also enjoying her American Fork volunteer hours in the snack bar. It's fun to see her take an interest in the medical world. Jakob is playing soccer and basketball right now. His AF city team won their first game and his deacon team lost their first game. It's really fun to watch him play a sport other than soccer. His team is playing in President's Cup this coming weekend. Yeah, another trip to St. George. :) I'm assuming that you read the e-mail I forwarded to you about Ryan and Sharon's new baby boy. I'm so excited for them. He's so cute.

I wasn't able to attend Emily's class this week but I've been listening to it. We were in Ruth this week. It really struck me that Ruth truly had a testimony of the gospel and one of the reasons she wanted to be with Naomi is because she wanted to "stay active" in the church, not that she just loved her mother-in-law. She knew if she stayed in Moab that she might fall into inactivity. As you know this is huge for your investigators. They must have friends in the gospel to help them along the way because at some point you will go and they will stay. One of the big concepts Emily talked about in Ruth is that of full and empty Ruth 1:21, Ruth 2:11, 12, Ruth 3:17, Ruth 4:9, 15. Boaz is a type of Christ and we know that Jesus Christ descended from Ruth.  How is Christ in v. 15 a restorer and a nourisher? On another note we talked about the tree in Lehi's dream today. We talked about Kevin's Pearson's talk last April about "Staying by the Tree." We must commence, catch hold to the iron rod, press forward, and cling to the rod of iron. I think we sometimes hold on with one hand or a finger instead of clinging to the iron rod. Do we cling to our scripture study, prayer, covenants, Christ, church/temple attendance, service, etc. What does it mean to cling? To me it means holding on with both hands and not ever letting go of the fundamental practices so we will always have the Spirit with us to make correct decisions.

I love you!



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