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Rachael's Picture

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 10 (The Child Whisperer)

Dear family and friends,

So another week has gone by and I can't believe that this week is Christmas! 


Today we found one of our investigators, Mario, about to smoke a cigarette. So, unfortunately we had to move his baptismal date. However, it is good that we know now, so that we can help him stop before he is baptized. We taught him about repentance. He was so humble and accepting of our message. He seemed ready for real change in his life, with a heart prepared to change, so he can be baptized. Today, I also began to question myself again as to why I wasn't understanding the people perfectly and wasn't fluent yet! Then I remembered that I have only been out for less than a month in the mission field. OK, so I'm still working on being patient with myself. We were able to get our less active, Lupita, to accompany us on our visits. She shared her testimony and I could literally see her growing! I think it really helped her to see how everyone else has problems too and that she does have a testimony of this gospel. We need to share our testimonies to grow our testimonies.


One thing that I love about the mission is that every day I am learning and growing. My passion for learning is increasing quickly here and I love it! Today we ate lunch with the Family Barron and talked about how we are constantly being prepared by the Lord for our future and we don't even know it - our future families, callings, trials, mountains, etc. We are being prepared and nothing is an accident in our lives. We are all here for a reason. I am here for a reason. However, I don't know what that is; but I am here for a reason and to learn something. It is interesting to me how many of our investigators don't know why they let us visit them. They tell us that most of the time they reject people like us, but for some reason they let us in! Whether it is the right timing or something about us I don't know, but it is interesting how the Lord works and touches hearts.


So everyday we teach recent converts, menos activos, as well as investigators. It is concerning to see how many of these people were not taught all of the lessons which has played a part in their inactivity. Many of them are not doing  everything they are supposed to because they don't fully understand the 'why.'  This is another reason why the ward is important - to help them understand, learn, and stay strong in the gospel. We are a family and we need to support each other. 

It appears that I have inherited my father's gift with children! I am the child whisperer! :) All the kids love me here! Maybe it's because I look weird and talk funny but hey, I will take it. I have so much fun with some of these cute kids! One of my favorite families we are teaching is Omar y Marcia with their two kids! Their 2 year old son loves animals and they had him make the animals sounds of a donkey, monkey, dog, etc. It was the cutest thing ever! Thanks dad for rubbing off on me! We also saw Mario again today and he seemed happy! It's amazing to see the change in him because of repentance!! He is more dedicated than ever to change and be baptized!


It was freezing today! No one said it would be this cold! They all said it would be blazing hot!? I am so confused.


We practiced our play which was hilarious as always! On a sad note, we had to drop one of our investigators.  She was not progressing and not ready to do the things we asked of her. This life and this gospel are all about acting! We cannot stand idly by and hope to make it to heaven. We need to be actively doing things to improve and become like our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ! 

Just so you know, it is official, I can no longer speak English, but I can't speak Spanish either. I tried to talk to someone in the street in English because they wanted me to and...let's just say I could not do it. I kept switching back to Spanish! Oh dear, my life is going to be interesting when I return.


Sunday was good as always. We did see 'una lucha' (fight) on the way to church. Good old Mexico! Church is very different here. The kids are so loud (screaming included) and the parents don't take them out. They are just a lot more laid back in many ways. We had our Mission Coordination meeting. This is always a blast! The Elders are so much more fun than the Hermanas! They are just more easy going. The Hermanas are more uptight. Luckily Hermana Rubina isn't too uptight; so we have fun too!

A fun fact-everyone here asks me if I dye my hair and then they tell me they want my hair. Now I'm worried someone is going to come, chop it off and steal it!

I am now officially part of the Mexican society! I have been given a street name! I am La Gringa or La Guera! (Both are slang for white or American girl.) That is what everyone calls me on the street as they pass. Next thing you know I will be running my own mob of missionaries!

Family your scary experience with the truck and almost being T-boned is my worst nightmare! Please be careful! I have to tell you (not knowing any of this until today) that since Friday, I have been thinking of you and praying for your safety more than usual. I guess that was why. I love you all! I can't wait to talk to you on Friday! Love you!


Hermana Lutze

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