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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 8 (Who Should Play the Virgin Mary?)

Dear family,

So this week was a little better. I am starting to improve with the language and I am trying to be more patient with myself. I keep forgetting that this is a process and not a ready-to-go, instantaneous, great missionary thing. 

Monday - We washed our clothes by hand. That was interesting!

Tuesday - taught and contacted

Wednesday - the same, but had a movie night and invited everyone we met on the streets. We watched The Other Side of Heaven. I would have enjoyed it more if I could have understood it. :)

Thursday - What a surprise! We taught people!

Friday -  Ta-ta-taught people! We also had a zone meeting. We found out that each district has a part in a play we will perform in a park to meet new investigators during the Christmas season. When we broke off into our districts, Elder Hostetter (District Leader) said, "OK, now who is going to be the beautiful, fair, virgin Mary. Everyone turned and stared at me ..... oh, dear. :) It was unanimous. I am now Mary in our play! This is what happens when you are the only fair woman in the country!  If I haven't told you yet, I am the only American sister missionary in my mission. So I am literally the only female white person within a thousand miles! I have to laugh because people always stop and stare at me like I am the elusive snow leopard or something! They also say weird things to me and sometimes whistle. However, it is nice when your investigators actually remember you because they remember there was an 'Americana.'

Saturday - One day I will be a pro teacher because all I do is teach people! :) However, today we went to what is called a Fayuca! It is a giant swap meet/garage sale/Swiss days! Everyone brings items to sell and then they sell for hours! We set up a missionary booth and showed the new Christmas video as a way to make contacts! I am not that good at contacting yet because I never know what to say. I just don't know Spanish well enough to start conversing-mostly because the people here are hard to understand. They mumble and slur their words a lot!

Sunday - Good as usual! We had 5 investigators attend church with us!

So, I spoke too soon when I said it was hot. Now it is hot in the sunlight and freezing in the shade. At night it is very cold. Our house does not have heat, so we use a space heater and blankets! 

It's been another week of cookie-cutter houses and questionable couches (No idea what is under the sheets?!). In one house I saw a giant rat and the people here still use donkeys and carts. 'La nieve' is not snow, but ice cream and apparently it is bad to cross your legs. So, I always look like I am fidgeting because I have to remind myself not to cross my legs all the time! 

It is amazing how the Lord works out here in the mission field. I've already seen so many miracles. We are meeting many people who are prepared to hear our lessons. For example, our investigator Yesica had already been studying the Book of Mormon on her own, prayed about it and received an answer. She just needed us to find her to really help her on her way to baptism! Sadly, she moved out of our area this week. We had to pass her off to other missionaries. She was our good friend and we cried when we said good-bye. We also have a number of young investigators. Two of those are Angel and Geydi (13 and 15). They have amazingly strong testimonies! They were two of the five that attended church with us! Angel has a baptismal date set; Geydi not yet. We are teaching some other incredible people as well.

We are seriously blessed to live in the US. Our house is like a mansion in comparison to the homes here! We are living the most blessed lives ever. I am never complaining about anything ever again. I will especially not take our washing machine for granted! 

By the way the kids here are super cute and adorable!

Now I want to tell you something really important-our secret weapon! With our lessons we always try to bring members with us. I will tell you that having a member in our lesson makes a world of difference! They seriously help so much! They are able to relate to our investigators much better and be their friend! The investigators talk more when there is a member present. So, if you have the opportunity to help out in this way do it! Members are seriously, in many ways, so much more important to missionary work than we are! The members are the ones that will help the new members endure to the end and give them a ward family. Missionaries can't always be there but members can! You have no idea what a great influence you have on investigators and other members of the church! So, always find ways to help and support each other! WE are all working towards the same goal!

Love you all!


Hermana Lutze

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