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Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 57 (Don't Be Stagnant Water!)

Dear family and friends,

Wow, another week is gone by like the wind. I can't believe that it is almost Christmas! This year has gone by so fast!

So this week was amazing!

Monday as I told you last week, we had our Actividad de Zona! It was so much fun!! Missionary activities are the best! And I'm not just saying that because I planned it (although that does help a bit). That night we ate Sushi with the Hermanas in the Ranchitos. They spent the night so they could go to the Capacitacion the next day. The sushi was delicious!! Of course they always find a way to make the food spicy, so it was more like Mexican Sushi ;). 

Tuesday we held our capacitacion with our Zone - teaching them what we learned in Consejo de Lideres. It went really well. I think they felt the Spirit and learned what they needed to learn. 

Miercoles I don't even know what we did this day. I know that we left the house and talked to strangers and preached the gospel but that is about it.

Thursday we had another Capacitacion but this time with Presidente. The title was "Sed de Buen Animo, es un hombre de Fe". It was AMAZING! It was a great capacitacion about being positive and of good courage. It was very inspired. He explained that if we don't believe in a better world or (he gave the example not us) if you don't believe you can get married and have a good relationship, you are a man (or woman) without faith. With faith there is no fear only trust, with faith there is no doubt only hope. We all have to truly learn to be of good courage if we are going to endure to the end in this world that is ripening in wickedness each day. 

We also got lost on the buses. One of our companions told us what bus we could take home and it took us to the end of civilization. Then the driver told us that this was the end of the line and we had to get off!? So we were stranded in the hills, who knows where, very, very far from home. It was quite the adventure, but all good missionaries know how to ask strangers for directions and that is what we did. We arrived home about 2 1/2 hours later than we planned ;) 

Friday was another great day! We went to see Escarlet and she is still thrilled to be learning of the gospel. She is trying so hard to do everything right for sus hijos. She is sooo going to get baptized in Diciembre! We also met her brother this day and he has a lot of questions about the restoration! I hope we can baptize him as well. Then we felt like we should go visit Thomas, even though he usually doesn't arrive until Saturday. We went and he was there! We talked and he said that he was praying we would come because is is going to leave Saturday in the morning! Woohoo! Prayer answered. Check.  He is still firm in his desire to be baptized! He will be baptized on 26 of November. After that we visited a contacto ... Susana. She is from Oaxaca and lives with her 3 kids. The only problem is that she only speaks Triqui and a little bit of Spanish! Jajaja! So I guess I will have to learn Triqui to talk with her ;) Her kids help us translate. She is a very good investigator. I hope we can help her learn the gospel and receive this joy and blessing in her life. 

Saturday we went on splits for part of the morning. However, my morning was spent using my first aid skills to help a woman that was having sporadic epilepsy attacks. They were trying to put pencils in her mouth to keep her from biting her tongue........uh no. We helped her until the Red Cross came and then we slipped out of sight unseen and unheard of again ;). After that adventure, the day was a normal day. We went  to prepare our investigators for church the next day.

Sunday well the day arrived, game day. We went for our investigators and almost all of them came!! Yay!! We had 6 investigators at church! We would have had 8 but Thomas and Escarlet couldn't come. It was still a great day!! We have 4 baptismal dates! 2 for Nov and 2 for Dec! We hope to have 3 for December! The rest of the day was normal. Sundays are one of my least favorite days to proselyte because not many accept us and the people we find are almost all drunk. However, we did find some good people that could progress! 

Monday It was a good Monday! We studied and went to a member's house to make crepes. Then for la comida we made Gorditas! (I got to make gorditas and flour tortillas!!) Yay!! I am now Pura Mexicana! ;)

Something that I really liked from the last capacitacion was an example that Presidente gave. In our mission, when it rains, it floods and the water has no where to go so there is a lot of stagnant water in the streets. No me diga - this water starts to grow every bacteria known to man and starts to stink really, really bad. Whereas a river doesn't have that problem because it is continually moving. In life we have to be continually moving, continually changing and progressing. If not we are like the stagnant water and we will begin to "rot" or become spiritually weak and regress in our progress. It is interesting to see how water - a substance that heals, a substance that is good for our body can become something harmful. In our lives, if we are not progressing, we are becoming stagnant and harmful to ourselves. Maybe we are praying, but not praying sincerely or with great thought and faith. Or we are reading the scriptures but not taking the time to actually study the scriptures. We have to be constantly changing and moving forward towards our goals and our Heavenly Father so that we can receive our blessings and happiness. We can't stay where we are and think we are fine and we certainly can't return to where we have come from. So I invite you all to keep changing, keep growing because what doesn't grow, dies. Look at your lives and look for ways to grow and be better and be closer to your Heavenly Father. 

Love you all!


Hermana Lutze

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