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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Week 58

Querida Hermana Lutze,

We hope you've had a great week serving the Lord. I've been busy with work and my calling this week among other things. We had our first snowstorm of the season on Tuesday. The wreath on the front door ended up over against the fence by the garden. That's how windy it was! :) I was surprised to find it. I thought it had blown down the street and was gone forever. We're gearing up for Thanksgiving this week. The Cronins came into town today and the Weights will be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Sonia and I went to a workshop Thursday evening on anxiety and depression. It was really good. I wore your brown boots! I love borrowing from my kids! Thanks! 

Hannah is busy as every with school. She won't have much of a break over Thanksgiving. Natalie, under much duress, went to Young Women's in Excellence on Tuesday. She participated in a dance with the other Mia Maids and was quite good. She told Dad that she was actually glad she went. Of course she'll never admit that to me. ;) Jakob has been gone all day to Space Camp at Renaissance. I'm excited to hear how it went. He was supposed to stay until 3 and asked if he could stay for the second one so he and Ben must be enjoying it.

The New Testament class on Thursday was good and thought provoking as usual. We talked about the importance of humility, gratitude, and generosity. I'd never thought about how great it is to have Thanksgiving before Christmas because it prepares us to be grateful for the Savior. We read the parable in Luke 14 beginning in verse 7 about how those invited to a wedding chose the chief rooms... We talked about how humility isn't thinking less of ourselves but thinking less about ourselves. We should always go to the lowest room because then we will see people differently. We must remember that we can learn from anyone! When we go to the lowest rooms there is always the possibility we will be invited to a higher room while if we go to the highest room first we might be asked to go to a lower room. How embarrassing and awkward that would be!

I love you and hope you have a great week!



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