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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 69

Querida Hermana Lutze,

So I found out we can send in your essays a little later, please review what Dad has worked on and let me know today if it's OK.... and I will submit this week!

Life's been busy as usual. I took Hannah to the concussion clinic at TOSH to see Dr. Sieber. What we discovered is that she's never recovered from her concussion that occurred almost two years ago and it's affecting her performance in college. Last semester was so hard on her brain that that's why she feels like she's in a 'fog' still and can't get out of it. We're working to reduce her workload and work towards her recovery. She may just have to attend part time for awhile. We'll see as we go forward. They should be calling this week to schedule a full day of testing to see where her specific issues are occurring so we can get help. I have a feeling the accommodations office at BYU and I will get to know each other very well. Natalie and I went shopping for her birthday on Friday. She found some cute clothes at Ross. Jakob and I went out for ice cream that evening. We had a fun date together. I watched his soccer game on Saturday. He scored their only two goals. He has some awesome moves. We just need to increase his speed-maybe you can work with him on that this Spring when you're home. He needs to run two miles in under 12 minutes. He had an awesome kick of the ball over his head to score but the keep got to it. :) Hannah helped Dad pull off my 50th birthday party. They have pictures of me all over the family room plus crutches, denture cream, prune juice, and Assurance pads. They even brought down Grandma's wheel chair and walker. I wore a robe and a crown that said Over the Hill. :) We went to Texas Roadhouse that evening after eating cake and ice cream... And yes it was two cakes with 50 candles plus cupcakes with tombstones marking some of the years that have gone by... Sonia did the decorating. 

I've learned this week the importance of being worthy of personal revelation and to keep seeking answers. The answers for Hannah's issues have come line upon line and I've felt led from one answer to the next. We must remember that the Lord knows all and that when we let Him be in charge it really will all work out. I've learned again how much He loves us and wants to help us during our trials but we must come to Him. We often move away from Him during the difficult times instead of coming closer to Him so He can help us. 



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