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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

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Rachael's Picture

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Safe Arrival at the Mexico City MTC

Your Missionary's mailing address is:
Sister Lutze
November 23, 2015     6-C
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal

The estimated departure date for your missionary is 11/23/2015. The use of the
above address on all correspondence will greatly facilitate delivery to your missionary
at the MTC. Please don't send packages.
Hello Family!! Well I made it to the CCM with surprisingly minor casualties. I didn`t get lost in the airports. I made some new friends because we traveled all day together. I didn`t lose any of my luggage and was able to somehow magically pull all my luggage to the bus with only minor bruises to my ankles. All in all a pretty good day. So the plane ride to Mexico was pretty cool! The clouds were amazing!! I will have to send you pics. Then arriving in Mexico, It was not what I expected at all!! It is really crowded, chaotic, and dirty here. It is like the Dominican Republic buildings but with more color and more craziness! Driving to the CCM was sure interesting to say the least. People were crazy driver and the streets were so narrow that we were only inches from the car next to us. However, amongst all this craziness, the CCM is like a safe harbor. The grounds are beautiful. It has a nice high wall with barbed wire to keep people out. It is our tiny little safe haven. Again, I will have to send you pictures later. Today, I have felt homesick, which may not be a good sign on the first day. I hope it gets better like you say mom. Sometimes I find myself asking how I signed up for this? There is a lot of hard work ahead of me. I can feel Satan trying to take a hold of me and discourage me into quitting. However, I know that there are people here who need me. It is my duty to stay strong and push through the storm until I reach the calm so that I have the opportunity to teach them.

Also, I got my first companion!! Her name is Sister Knudsen! She is so cute and has strawberry blonde hair. Hopefully we can have fun together, but it is the first day. Further news, my P-days are on Wednesday here so that is when I will be emailing you. Wow a lot has happened in one day. Its hard to believe that it hasn`t been a whole week!

Well I will email you again next week!! I love you all!


Hermana Lutze

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