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Rachael's Picture

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 21 (Does Satan Dread It When You Wake Up in the Morning?)

Dear family and friends,

Well another week has passed and I can't believe that it is already March! Crazy right?! I'm almost to the 6 month mark! Only one year to go! That is really weird to say, only 365 days? 12 months? 52 weeks? Take your pick! I've got more. (Points to you if you know which movie that is from.)

Monday: Today I ate a dessert called Ojo de Buey (Ox Eye) and it was fabulous!!!!! Oh my goodness I am going to learn how to make these!! So delicious! It was like a cake within a cookie! That was the excitement for the day.

Tuesday: Today was an amazing day!! We spent the morning in one house and so we knew we were going to have to work hard to make up for lost time. So in the afternoon, I don't know, something just clicked and we were on fire! We were contacting everyone within sight. I felt really good. I felt like I was teaching with the spirit, power and authority, and with clarity. I felt like Jesus or His Apostles just walking the streets and teaching to all who would listen whether they accepted or not! It was a neat experience and gave me a small taste  (I think) of what type of missionary the Lord really wants me to be-who He knows I can become with his help. It made me really excited for the potential I have to be His instrument and for the changes that will happen.

Wednesday: We went to visit an investigator, Olga. It turns out she has been listening to the Jehovah Witnesses for the past year so she can be baptized with them. But the fact that she is listening to us, tells me she has doubts. It tells me she still wants something more. I only pray that we can listen to the spirit and help her find that before she goes down another path and is lost from us again for a while. So interesting how God puts us in the path of these people in the exact moment that they need the truth and the light. We do our part and then it is up to them to use their agency and accept or reject these things. We are praying she accepts! Then, in the evening, we went to visit an old investigator, Mercedes. It turns out she had been thinking about us today and about the church! It's a sign! Oh I hope we can work with her and she can finally progress and be baptized!

Thursday: Everyone wanted to speak in English with me! We left the house and were walking when we saw a young man walking the opposite direction than us. I had a feeling he was going to talk to me so we kept walking. He pulled out his headphones from his ears.......kept walking........just about to pass him........wait for it........"Hey are you American?"......boom, told ya........."Yes I am American"......."What are you doing here?"......."I'm a missionary...." We invited him to church, but I'm sure he only talked with me to practice English, or to show off because he thought I was pretty! Later in the day we were waiting to enter a house when this man crossed the street to talk to us. He asked if I spoke Spanish, I said "Sí" and then he proceeded to talk to me in English? I thought I said I spoke Spanish? Oh well. He then told me how he was selling real cheese and real milk and real cream and real yogurt, a lot of REAL stuff. ;) I couldn't buy anything but invited him to church. It was weird because he only talked to me and not to my companera. He either talked to me because he thinks I have lots of money or because I'm pretty. What a strange world I live in. Oh and his name was FRAULINE!? Like the word in German! And he spoke in Spanish and English with a German accent! Now I have met a true German-Mexican! Family, they do exist! ;)

Friday: I felt sick so we returned home early so I could sleep. 

Saturday: We left in the morning to visit people.  A man passed us and then came back so that he could greet me and tried to kiss me on the cheek. I have to say I panicked and backed away!! Then he talked about how Satan owned his soul......aw isn't that nice, just what every girl wants to hear from someone who tried to kiss you. After kissing me on the cheek, he kissed my compañera as well and left. What is it with these people!? So strange!! I am gaining more fans and followers every day!! If only I could use my powers for good and get them to be baptized!! ;) Then we visited Mercedes and her daughter was there and trash-talked the Book of Mormon. Oh that made me so angry inside. I almost pulled out my ninja moves on her, but then I would have blown my cover ;). We talked with her nicely and tried to explain but some people I've learned are just too hard-hearted to accept anything other than what they want to believe. I'm sad for them and all the blessings and knowledge they will be missing out on.

Sunday: I still felt sick so we went to church and la comida and then went home. Oh man I do not like being sick in the mission field. Not fun. 1 it is awful to be sick 2 there is nothing to do after you have already watched all the videos you own. However, I did read about 35 chapters of the Book of Mormon in the last three days.

In those 35 chapters, I was reading about all the wars at the end of Alma and the beginning of Helaman. I actually love these chapters and reading about the stratagem and tactics that they use! I really liked reading about Captain Moroni! What an amazing man, especially when Mormon talks about how the very powers of hell would shake if every man were like him. Wow, I think we should all be a little more like that so that every morning Satan is dreading when we wake up because he knows that we are only going to destroy his kingdom more and more every day! Be actively engaged in the destruction of his kingdom, por favor. Also, what I really loved about Moroni was how he prepared his people. It says in the scriptures that he made their cities into grand fortresses, so great that they were impenetrable and the Lamanites were ASTOUNDED! He prepared these cities BEFORE the Lamanites attacked. We need to do the same. We need to prepare BEFORE Satan attacks us so that there is no downfall. Also, Moroni prepared his people spiritually while the Lamanites prepared for battle. He knew that without the Lord, the battles were futile. He knew that success only comes with the Lord. It's the same in our lives. Success comes with the Lord. Rely on Him and be close to him. Don't think that you can or have to do it alone. God gave us this life but did not abandon us. He WANTS us to rely on Him. He wants to give us success. He is waiting to go to battle with us with the whole armor of God. So please accept his help, accept his wisdom and you will always win all your battles! 100%! Can you imagine having a 100% success rate in battle!? You would be the best paid general in the world! ;) Good luck in your battles, return with honor and with the glory of God upon your shoulders and the brilliant armor of God strapped securely on your body and with  a great smile on your face because of your success!

Well I love you all! Take care!!

Hermana Lutze

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