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Rachael's Picture

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 23 (Charity Never Faileth)

Dear family and friends,

I can't believe that it is already Monday again! I feel like I just emailed you all yesterday! Well the dogs still howl at night and when the ambulances pass. It is kind of creepy. You don't see them, just hear them. And our entire house shakes when the cars with their subwoofers pass by. THE WHOLE ENTIRE HOUSE! I honestly don't know how their ear drums haven't burst?

Monday: I taught my attribute lesson in our Reunion de Distrito on humility.It was awesome! I had to give it in English, and let me just say that was a struggle! It went well and I think they actually learned something from it which is also good. ;)

Tuesday: To start the day off right, I ran into one of my admirers again. We're going to have to avoid that street. Just what every girl wants in the morning to wake up and be alert. 

We had another lesson with Blanca (Grandma with the grandson Benito who is disabled). We brought a member with us. We taught the restoration through Joseph Smith! It was a wonderful lesson. However she continues to say that she likes the Cristianos! We can tell she feels the truth! Why is she denying it?! We think it is because she wants a miracle for Benito and thinks the Cristianos can give it to her. Then our member Hermana Medina talked with her and told her straight up that she needs to pray without bias because if she only thinks of the Cristianos then she is not going to listen to the answer from God because she has already decided. She needs to pray to know His will and it is THEN, that she will receive the true answer. It is then that she will feel the peace in her choice.

Wednesday: We taught Mercedes and invited her to baptism. She accepted to be baptized! .......but refused the date, saying it was too soon. We will see with her. It all depends on if she attends church. That night we went to Hermana Sandi´s house to practice our song with her husband (who is a non-member). Wow this Hermano has so much musical talent! He just listened to the song on YouTube and was able to play it on the piano!! (Next step for you Natalie ;) ).

Thursday: We had our Conferencia con Presidente. We talked more about how this is the true church and learned about the Catholic church and how we can help teach and explain to help them so they will realize that they don't have the truth and that so many things are changed and incorrect in their church. Many times if we can calmly explain why, they start to understand and accept. We talked about this because over 80% of the population here are Catholic and the other 19% are "Catholic" and the remaining 1% are Testigos or Cristianos. It was really interesting to learn about what they believe. The more I learn about our church and other religions, the more I am convinced of the truth of our church. We really do have the PLENTITUD (fullness). The other religions lack so much and for that they can't receive a fullness of the blessings that God has for them. Some people want these blessings and we are trying to find them. However many feel fine where they are and reject the FULLNESS of happiness that they could have because they aren't willing to listen or change in any way. It is heartbreaking at times, but like Elder Holland has said, "Eternal life is not a gift that is just handed out to everyone. Only the very few and elect will receive it." It was a wonderful conference.

We also went to visit Blanca again. We sang our song  for her. She loved it! We talked with her and gave a lesson on the Book of Mormon. This lesson was so different. We could literally feel and see that something was different in her. She didn't have her pamphlets from the Cristianos and Testigos. She didn't talk constantly of the Cristianos. She just had her Bible and the Book of Mormon and has been reading them both. The change was so astonishing! We had a very spiritual experience with her. When we left, all I could think and say was that she knows it is true and that she is going to be baptized. There was no doubt in my mind. Now we just need her to go to church! Next time we are going to talk to her  and ask if she has received her answer and see what she says.

Friday: Today we met a woman named Martina. She is amazing! We taught her in the street and she accepted everything so readily. The Book of Mormon, covenants, everything! I am so excited to start teaching her!!

We met another "escogido" as well named Elizabeth. We talked with her and read from the Book of Mormon and the first thing she said was "Yes, yes, that is the truth!" I was given the impression to give her a Book of Mormon and in that moment she almost started to cry at the gift that we had given her. I was filled with such great joy that I almost started to cry with her. Sadly she doesn't live in our area. So the Elders better do a good job of teaching her over there! ;)

We taught Nora tonight as well. We are working to help her gain a testimony of this church because she was really young when they became "menos activos."

Saturday:  One thing that constantly happens here is that I am reminded of how truly blessed I am in my life. How my life has been relatively easy and how I need to do more with my life to help others. I have  a lot to change when I go home. I have a lot to learn here. 18 months is sooooo not enough time to do all these things! I understand why the missions of the sons of Mosiah were 14 years!

That evening we had our Tarde de Talentos of the ward!! It was awesome! There was singing and dancing and we ate some amazing food!! What a great night! Mi compaƱera y yo sang a song "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul" in Spanish! It went really well and was a very fun night!

Sunday: Well, honestly nothing happened today.

Monday:  I have already eaten a gordita.

This week I have been thinking a lot about love and charity. We've learned how the love of our Heavenly Father really has the power to change the lives of others and how knowing of His great love for us gives us power to change and become what we never thought possible. His love helps us view ourselves as what we can be and how He sees us. I never thought of love as a power but it is. It has the power to change people's lives. In the scriptures it always says that Charity endureth all things. I believe it can be understood in two ways. 1. Charity endureth past all things.  It lasts longer. It will be the last thing that survives. 2. Charity can stand against all things. It can withstand any trial or temptation. Charity is eternal and should be that attribute that when all else fails we can still have charity towards others. We can still have charity even when they refuse us left and right. We can still love them and be kind to them. Charity really does withstand all trials and temptations. With charity it is easier to look past the faults of others, to be patient, loving and understanding. Charity has helped me to be patient with the people here-to not judge, to be more understanding, and to try and see things from their point of view. When we have charity we can withstand and do all things. Charity can motivate and guide us in the correct pathways in our lives. We should be motivated by love-Love of our Heavenly Father, love of Jesus Christ, love of our family, love of our friends, love of all those around us because they are literally our brothers and sisters!!

Well have a Love-ly day!!

Love you all!

Hermana Lutze

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