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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 24

Querida Hermana Lutze,

Como anda todo? Espero que podias escuchar a la conferencia de las mujeres ayer. Estaba pensando de ti! Before I forget I will be sending your new debit card shortly. The bank will automatically deactivate your other debit card 15 days after they send the new one to me. So you will not have access to a debit card for awhile with how long it takes me to get things to you. 

Another busy week here... Hannah had her bone scan on Tuesday. We knew from reviewing it with the tech that she had stress fractures. I called the office on Wednesday and after many questions and three phone calls she's now in an air cast boot and on crutches. She's non weight bearing for 6 weeks! I don't think I'm going to be completely successful in the non weight bearing part especially with her work schedule. She's really bummed about track. She signs up tomorrow for housing at BYU. (We found out today that Heritage is already full.) We attended the Women's Conference Saturday evening and then the three of us went to JCWs afterwards. We split a grilled cheese sandwich, onion rings, and a milkshake. Jakob took a math placement test on Friday and said it was pretty easy. We'll see how he did shortly. 

Dad and I went to Logan on Thursday to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at the Old Rock Church one night and the Anniversary Inn in the African Safari room the second night. We saw the new Batman vs. Superman movie in 3D and in chairs that move. It was cool to try once but definitely not worth the money. Our favorite restaurant while we were there was Angie's. :) We did sealings in the Brigham City Temple on our way up. 

My thoughts this week are around the Stripling Warriors since that is where I am in the Book of Mormon. I pray that my children will be Stripling Warriors during their time on this earth. I hope they each know that I know the truth. I have a testimony and because I know it they also know it and have their own testimony. I pray they will also be courageous in defending the truth like the Stripling Warriors. We talked about this a little bit in Relief Society today. Sister Lambert shared a story about her two daughters in high school. The choir was singing a song that had words in it that they didn't agree with. They went to the teacher and asked not to sing it and she said they would fail the class if they did not sing it. They went to the Vice Principal and ended with a compromise that the choir would sing the one song first and then they would join the choir to sing the other songs. She said that her girls had many come to them afterwards and tell them they should have stood with them because they didn't agree with the words in the song either. We discussed how often others watch us and we are a strength to them without knowing it. How many agree with us but don't speak up? Sometimes we do have to stand alone as you are finding out on your mission. Just because those around you cannot see the truth it does not mean that it is not truth. You are also discovering that this opposition increases your own personal conviction of the truth. 

I love you!



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