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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week 22

Querida Hermana Lutze,

Que tal? Como estas? Life here is crazy busy as usual. I was gone most of this weekend. We will be home this coming weekend and need to get most of the yard work done because we will be away the next three weekends. Dad and I are celebrating our anniversary in two weeks and then we will be helping Brent and Amy with their new home over conference weekend. Can you believe it? They finally bought a home. It's the one down the street with the pool. :) The following weekend we hope to go to Goblin Valley with the Millers. We've tried to take that trip so many times. I hope we're successful this time.

I spent 3 days in San Francisco. We ate some delicious seafood-clam chowder, salmon, shrimp, and swordfish. We stopped at Boudin's for sourdough bread and Ghirardelli's for a delicious sundae. We then took the Trolley back to catch BART to the airport and then our hotel. We spent three days eating lots of delicious food and being educated!

Dad played Mr. Mom and was kept extremely busy with the ever changing schedules! 

Hannah's decided on BYU and went to a jump start night on Thursday with her friend Cherie. Pray that she gets into Heritage.

Natalie has been exercising, working on  school work, etc.

Jakob has also been busy with school, soccer, and basketball. They were finally defeated in their semi-final game this week. They went much further than I thought they would in their basketball games. Jakob is a good defender. He needs to work on his shots.

I taught my lesson today on the Sabbath day. It went well. Of course there's always something you think that could have gone better. Sister Sampson said something profound today. She said the Lord cares more about our sacrifice than our perfect performance. That's so true!!!!!

We talked about Job during our Old Testament time this week. Emily did a great job. Remember Job's friends... at first they talk to Job and tell him that he should fix himself and then they say that they will fix him. Finally, his smartest friend said that God should fix you. God is more powerful than what we are going through. Job realizes in Job 13:2-4 that his friends are all lying to him and so he decides to talk to God. Job 19:19-27 This is a middle moment and Job is bearing testimony of the Lord in a middle moment. Are we able to do this? Are we able to still bear testimony of Him in our middle moments? The Lord does not speak to Job until Chapter 37. Job was alone for quite some time. Then in Chapter 42 Job bears testimony again of the Lord. The story of Job actually typifies our journey and what occurred before this life, this life and what will occur afterwards if we endure to the end especially see  Job 42:10-12.

I love you! Keep up the hard work! I hope you are feeling better! Did you finally receive your package? 



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