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Rachael's Picture

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 30 (Fight for Your Family)

Dear family and friends,

Well, I feel like I don't have anything to say because I just talked with my family on Sunday.

But here goes, 

Monday: Hermana Valle arrived and Hermana Martinez left. I've now had 2 areas and 5 companions! That has to  be a record of some sort. They also divided our district so we are not all together. Sad, but it will still be good. There will still be good times.

Tuesday: Well, it was a normal day of teaching and contacting while sweating and frying my skin in the sun. Seriously, the sun here burns like no other! You don't need an oven! You just need one of those cardboard ovens that we made in 2nd grade! Maybe I can make one here and actually bake (We don't have an oven).

Wednesday: May the "force" (4th) be with you today;). It sure was with us! We encountered a married couple. They were marvelous! I hope that we can find them again and teach them so their family can be eternal! That is what we want for all but sometimes it sure is hard to get them to actually act and work for this goal.

Today was also sad. We went to see Baltazar (our investigator who was almost baptized) and we found out that he started having some major health problems and they had to take him to the hospital. We don't know if he is going to make it out. I think secretly we knew this was going to happen because H. Santiesteban and I felt like we needed to try to baptize him as soon as possible because he didn't have much time left. Later in the week H. Martinez felt like we needed to go visit him and well.....it has all come true. I hope he makes it through so we can finally baptize him. He's a good soul, just stubborn as a mule at times ;)

Thursday:  Not much happened. However, we did go to see Margarita again today. While we were there she went to talk to someone at the gate for a minute, so we talked with her son Jose Luis. We learned that he believes in the church, in what we teach, in the Book of Mormon, and that he can feel the spirit in the church! We were blown away! This boy is 10 years old and he can already see the truth and feel the spirit! Now we just need his mom to receive her answer!!

Friday: I don't remember what happened but I'm sure it was a great day!

Saturday: Also, a good day. We talked with a recent convert today. She is so amazing to me. She is going through so many problems and trials that I don't even know if I could bear those things. Her faith is so firm and her relationship with God is so strong. There are so many incredible examples for me here. I can only hope one day to share their attributes.

Sunday: We made Mother's Day cards for all of the Hermanas! They loved it! We made them cry a little.  There were also 2 people that just showed up for sacrament meeting. They were passing by and they decided to just enter and now want to learn more. Wow! We need more investigators like that! ;) If they are not chosen, then I honestly don't know who is. I sure hope we have a baptism soon!!

The highlight of my day was when I got to talk with my family! It was so great to actually see their faces and hear their voices! I love them so much!

I want to wish my mother a very happy Mother's Day. I hope she knows how invaluable she has been in my life. I hope she knows that without her I would not be the woman I am today. Without her diligence, discipline and love I could be a very different person. I am grateful she made us all take piano, a language, do our homework and our Personal Progress. Even though at times, I didn't like it, she was persistent and consistent and now all these things she has done have truly blessed my life and shaped me. Sometimes mothers think that they shouldn't be so strict-such as strict rules or expectations. But I want to testify to you all that when our parents set the expectations and the rules it actually opens all the doors of opportunity for us. It helps us reach higher and to be better-to truly reach our potential. As children we have the potential to be whatever our mothers want and expect us to be. We can be molded and shaped and that is what makes mothers so important. You are literally the "Potters of God." You are the ones shaping the clay. God can help you have the vision of what it should be, but you are the ones that actually do the shaping. Your role is so crucial to eternity. You have a sacred calling to create. Never forget that and always cherish and respect this opportunity you have. Make a masterpiece. Make something that will inspire and affect the lives of others for generations to come. You can literally shape our eternities. Thank you for all you do mom and for continuing to be a mom to us and to all those around you. There are many more people who need you in their lives. Love you!

Monday: We had Capacitacion de Zona. I learned many great things about the Apostasy. There was lots of laughing. We did an object lesson using the Telephone game. The phrase started as "Elder Gomez is a great missionary and he really likes to eat cereal" and ended in "The missionaries are a really great Mafia." I'm not sure how that changed so dramatically! I never knew that we were part of a Mormon Mafia but come to think of it, the Mission is like a Mafia, except that we are sharing the gospel for free and only during the day time. ;) I've always wanted to be in the Mafia ;).

Tuesday: We had an awesome activity today! Our Zone completed the goals for baptisms so we had a special actividad! We went to the zoo in Parque Guardiana and then to El Pueblito (Yes that is its name). The zoo was hilarious because all their "exotic" animals are animals that run wild at home!! I was dying! There were deer, elk, goats and bison! But it was fun seeing animals from home.  Then we went to beautiful El Pueblito! So much greener! We played volleyball and ate lots of Carne Asada, sausages, quesadillas, and tortillas! So good! Such a fun day to hang out with the Hermanas and Elders! I seriously hope we can all be friends because they are hilarious!!  It was a long, fun day! I hope we can complete the goal again!!

Well, I was thinking about my family and reaching our full potential again. Something I have begun to realize more and more is that our potential really depends a great deal on our family. Families set goals, help us be better, reach higher, and support one another through the thick and thin. Our family teaches us and gives us experiences that we can only have in families. Really, if we were all born from test tubes and lived alone we wouldn't learn anything. We would just avoid one another and not learn to truly love and serve one another. In families, we learn to live with people that aren't perfect, that are different, and to love them unconditionally. There are a million things that we learn from  our family and we really need them to reach our full potential. Now, our family will NEVER be perfect, however, it CAN endure to the end together. We can fight and use every bit of our energy so that we can be an eternal family and truly reach our true potential as an eternal family. This is my invitation today-fight for your family, never give up on them, work together to reach your full potential.

Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful week with your family!

Hermana Lutze

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