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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

Rachael's Picture

Rachael's Picture

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Week 30

Querida Hermana Lutze,

It was so AWESOME to talk with you yesterday. You look and sound great! We do miss you but don't say it often because we don't want you to be sad! Keep working hard! I'm sure Zone Conference today was increible! Como siempre, no?

I continue working hard with this transition to i-Centra. I did clean my office today. I threw away a huge, gigantic bag of trash. Hannah inspired me with her Mother's Day gift of a picture frame. She chose the picture of the three of you sitting with me on the bench. I love it. I took it to my office today and decided to clean!

I've been attending the temple weekly pretty consistently and I love it. I made it a goal last year when President Christofferson set me apart and told me that the temple would play an important part in my calling.

The kids are all wrapping up school for the year. I cannot believe summer break will be here in 3 weeks. Hannah has decided to have some friends over for her birthday and we will do something with the Millers for graduation. We'll celebrate with a couple of different family dinners as well. She's really excited to finally turn 18. 

Natalie just got her book to take the test for her driver's permit. Yikes!!! Can you believe she'll have her license when you return? That's provided she finishes Personal Progress. She's so stubborn when it comes to Personal Progress. Grrr!

Jakob will be trying out for other soccer teams this year. We shall see what happens especially with the change in the brackets. 

Dad's tearing the house apart faster than I can put it back together. He has the wall all torn up in the family room. Hopefully by the end of the month it will be back together and look really nice with the new cabinet.

We talked about missionary work in our RS lesson on Sunday. I love this quote from President George Albert Smith to investigators:

"We have come not to take away from you the truth and virtue you possess. We have come not to find fault with you nor to criticize you... Keep all the good that you have , and let us bring to you more good, in order that you may be happier and in order that you may be prepared to enter in to the presence of our Heavenly Father."

President Howard W. Hunter said, "A great indicator of one's personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others.... The call to share the gospel with others represents our great love for our Heavenly Father's children as well as for the Savior and what he did for us." 

He ends by talking about the 'walls' that hold us back from serving a mission-the comfort wall, the financial wall, grandchildren wall, health wall, fear, doubt, or complacency... Does anyone really doubt for a minute that with the help of the Lord he or she could bring those walls crashing down?"

What walls did you bring crashing down with his help to serve your mission?

I love you!



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