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Rachael's Picture

Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 31 (Sorry, I Didn't Look for the Lost Sheep!?)

Dear family and friends,

Well, not much has happened. Hermana Valle and I are trying to sort through the people to find those that really want the Gospel. It is kind of hard because there is so much deception. However, I am confident that pretty soon we will find the gold mine!

I already told you about Monday and how awesome Tuesday was!

Wednesday: We taught a man from Salvador who has the potential to be baptized!! I think that we will get him to accept a baptismal date soon! If so, he can be baptized on the 4th of June!! Yay! We also talked with Karina and her "paraja." She is so great and has the desire to know more about the gospel, however, her "paraja" doesn't want to get married!? And they have 8 years together? I don't think anything is going to change from a piece of paper. But who knows, paper is important to some people.

Thursday: Today was glorious because it rained! It rained a big beautiful, refreshing rain! We also found a new investigator who has some real potential! When we taught her about the Book of Mormon she said "Wow, I think I am missing a book like that in my life. do you sell them? How can I get one?"......Us......."Here Hermana! It's Free! Take it!!!! I hope she will progress.

Friday: Rained again!! Yay! I'm so excited for the rainy season to start in June!! Needless to say, it is really hot here. People say Utah is a desert. It's not. Here is a desert. Never been so hot (without exercise) in my life! We encountered another woman and her family and they also have amazing potential!! So excited!! I hope all of these people can progress and we can finally have baptisms in this area after 8 months!!

Saturday: We taught Hermano Ignacia who has a baptismal date for the 11th of June. We are going to work so hard so this date won't fall. I have to say that our investigators are breaking my heart this week. They keep avoiding us and running away. Margarita and her boys saw us and walked the other way and when we called out to them, they walked even faster. It breaks my heart, but I hope one day they will join the church.

Sunday: Ate the most amazing tacos today!!! Tacos Sudados!! You put them in a plastic bag so they sweat! They have the most amazing flavor! And then Hermana Elvira also made a 3 Chile Salsa!! It was spicy but so good! I need to make all this food when I get home!

Monday: Well, I got a new companion today! Hermana Lopez. I have now had 2 areas and 6 companions in 7 months!! Crazy!! Who knows what is going on, but if it works, it's fine by me!

Also, our crazy neighbor told me that I'm looking darker and that I need to shield myself from the sun or I will return home a Mexican ;) This man is crazy and so funny! The truth, yes, I am darker, but I'm not sure my skin can be that dark without it being cancer ;)

This week I have learned some things about diligence. I have learned that it doesn't matter what our companion does or the members or leaders do. We always need to do what is right. We always need to do what is expected of us. If people don't greet us at church, or give us a smile, or the Bishop doesn't say "Hi" or something like that, we still have to go to church. If you saw one of your leaders not living their life perfectly, it doesn't mean you get to judge and decide not to go to church. We need to remember that the gospel, the church and its organization are PERFECT. The only imperfect things here are us. We have to remember that our leaders are not perfect. They were not called because they are more perfect, they were called because God knows their potential and knows what they have to offer. We have to remember that their weakness may be our strength and we can not make the small things bigger than they really are. Life is hard enough! We don't need excuses to make it harder! If someone didn't say "Hi", well they probably didn't see you or they were lost in their own thoughts. We can't afford to take offense at the small things. We have to do all things possible to stay active and activate all the less actives! Our time is so so short and the coming of Jesus Christ is so so so so close! We need to work harder than ever to help everyone come unto Christ and STAY with Christ! We don't have time to let go and we can't be prideful and say that was their choice. We need to look for the lost sheep! The Lord loves each of us and has given us (the members) many sheep to look after. If we lose them, how will we face Jesus Christ and tell him that we are sorry that we didn't go looking for them and we just left them to fend for themselves. I don't think I could even look Jesus Christ in the face. We all need to be continually going to the rescue and PREVENTING anyone from wandering. Prevention is ALWAYS the best method because once they leave it is so very hard to get them back.

Well, I love you all! Please look for the lost sheep in your wards, families, friends, acquaintances and those around you. They all need your help.

Love you!

Hermana Lutze

P.S. We found another scorpion in the house but this one was pregnant. Of course my companion had to squish it, so its poor baby popped out!! Gross!

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