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Rachael's Picture

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 32 (Oh the Joy of Repentance!)

Dear family and friends,

Well, la verdad, I don't really know what has happened this week. Not much. Just the usual! Right now we are working really hard to baptize Carlos and Ignacio. Their dates are so close!! And to be honest, we really need a baptism in this ward! 8 months! That is a long time for missions in Mexico. But don't worry, Hermana Lopez and I are here to break the curse! Woo hoo! Let's see, well every day is blazing hot now. We just received authorization yesterday to wear hats, so that will be a life saver! Baltazar returned from the hospital and now really wants to be baptized so he has a date as well.

Monday: I have a new companion. Hermana Lopez! Now, I haven't had a P-day for the past four weeks and the clothes are starting to pile up.

Tuesday: We found Baltazar at home and set a baptismal date!

Wednesday: Normal

Thursday: Normal

Friday: We talked with Monse and found that she had read about 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon!! Wow!! She definitely has real potential to progress!!

Saturday: We had an awesome ward activity for Mother's day!! We ate amazing food-potatoes covered in a cream sauce with chicken in a Chipotle sauce!! We couldn't stay the whole time, but it was a nice activity.

Sunday: Normal

Well, my favorite part of the week was when we helped our investigators feel the joy of repentance. They are going through problems including a trial that is hard to overcome. But, in talking with them and making plans to overcome their sin, they changed. Just by talking and planning their weight was lifted and they felt as if their whole world changed. They felt like they could just fly into the air. The change in this investigator was amazing! He was literally the happiest man on the planet and skipped his way to work. He even called that night to tell us that he was still so happy. This made me think more about how happy  we could all be if we would just be humble and repent. I have learned that when God commanded that we repent, He didn't command it just because it's what He wants us to do. He commanded us because He knows the load that will build up in our lives if we don't repent. He knows that our self esteem will die down until it is nothing. He knows that we will depreciate ourselves until we think it doesn't matter what we do here in this life because there is nothing left. When we sin, it isn't like we just chip off a piece of our life or our soul. What really happens is that when we sin it chips off that piece and then it erodes away our lives. For example, if a spider bites, it is just that one time. But if a parasite attaches to our body it sucks the life out of us. Sin is like a parasite that sucks all the happiness, joy and life out of us. Without the Savior we are literally doomed because these things will eat away at us until there is nothing left. But with the Atonement and repentance we can get rid of the parasites and even the deepest cracks can be healed. It's amazing that we have the opportunity to repent-to be clean, to heal. It is truly a miracle that we have the capability to come back from such dark places into the light. We only have to be willing to change and to let the light of Christ shine more fully in our lives, to take out the darkness, and fill in the cracks of our lives. Each and every one of us has sin. In fact, it is a sin to say you have no sin. Therefore, each one of us has to look for our faults, errors, weaknesses-anything that makes us less like God. We must work on changing and removing these things. Everyday we need the habit of repentance. We need to be humble enough to repent of the small things and to accept the advice of the Lord on how we can be better. When we do this, we will find a new sense of joy in our lives for repenting daily. We will be filled with more light and see things in a different perspective! Repentance is basically the universal Band-aid! ;) 

Well, I encourage all of you to try to repent daily. Examine your life and look to see what you lack. Don't stop trying to be better and to be more like the Savior. He gave us repentance to use in our lives daily. He already suffered our sins. It is a free gift just waiting for us to open it. Be more pure, more sure, more prompt to take this cure. 

Love you all!!

Hermana Lutze

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