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Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 38 (Hard versus Complicated)

Dear family and friends,

Well I can't believe that it is already July! How crazy is that! Sorry family, that means your summer is almost halfway over, but it also means that I am almost at the halfway point on the mission! I can't believe that! It feels just like yesterday that I arrived in the mission field. Well it is still really hot, but luckily here in Durango, it usually rains a lot in July so it makes it a little cooler in the evenings. I am praying that I stay in Durango for all of summer. Also Happy Fourth of July everyone! 4th of July is not exciting here. I have to say I miss all the food, fun and fireworks that we have in Utah.

My week,

I feel like I did everything and did nothing all at the same time.

Monday - I actually had a tiny bit of time to sleep which was a miracle in itself!

Tuesday - Nothing really exciting or out of the ordinary. Just the usual for a missionary

Wednesday - Same as Tuesday

Thursday - Today was great! We contacted a woman that is actually a member of a family in the church. She said that she would like to listen to us. So we talked with her and set a baptismal date. Boom, day started out good. Later we met a man cleaning his car. At first he wasn't interested, however, the more we talked with him the more we learned about him. We talked to him about repentance and I wish you could have seen his joy as he learned how he could repent and be free of sin, guilt and burden. His whole world changed! We also set a baptismal date with him. The day got even better. That night we encountered another man who was really down and depressed and we talked with him and he accepted to listen so we will have to see if we can help him be happy, gain back his family and live happily ever after with them. 😊 Really, I like being a spiritual doctor. It is really preparing me to be a medical doctor as well.

Friday - We went to Luz y Esperanza, (the sketchy part of town). There we encountered a man who is "ateo" or atheist. But as we talked I could clearly tell that he believed in God. It's just that he was so confused and tired of so many religions. As we talked with him he changed, he had a desire to learn more about us and to have the testimony and vigor that we have for our religion. Sadly he doesn't live here but hopefully he is on the "path of righteousness" and not the "path that rocks." Many people say they are atheist and it's not true. They are just confused in life and need direction. We also went to visit Jorge (the man that said he would be baptized while talking in the street). We visited him and he accepted another baptismal date and to go to church this Sunday! Yaya!

Saturday - normal day. It's raining here and it's glorious!

Sunday - We passed for some of our investigators. arrived at church and at the end of the day we had 5 investigators at church and 3 have baptismal dates! Woohoo! Progress! Two are from the Familia Martinez Flores (Manuela y Laura) This week, Hna Manuela gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon! So we are going to work really hard with her and her daughter! (Laura and I are totally best friends. We have many of the same hobbies 😉) The other baptism is Jorge! He went even though he has a fear of people. The other person was Martin. He is a blind old man, but he has a special spirit. I hope we can put a baptismal date this week!

All in all a pretty good week...

Well, in honor of the 4th of July, I just want to say how grateful I am to live in the United States. It is NOT a perfect country, however, it is a country that was led by God in its creation. From the pilgrims to the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, to present day. We can see how God has really helped move things along to create this amazing free country where we are free to worship, free to live our religion. If it wasn't for the development of this country the Restoration never would have taken place. Really we have so much to be grateful for as Americans. We live in a country with so many privileges where there is an abundance of jobs and food and all that we need to live comfortably. My dad always says our lives are complicated but not truly hard. I have seen what hard looks like here in Mexico. Hard is when there are hundreds of men without jobs because they can't find one. Hard is when you have to work two jobs just to barely scrape by, hard is when you are doing all you can and you still don't have enough to eat. I have seen hard. We just complicate our lives with many things to do. I hope you all really appreciate the fact that we live in such an amazing country. Never take it for granted.

Well, I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and a wonderful week!


Hermana Lutze

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