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Rachael's Picture

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 39 (Is Christ at the Center of My Life?)

Dear family and friends,

Well another week has flown by here in Durango! And basically all week it has been raining in the night! You would think that would make it nice and cool and refreshing, but no. It makes it even hotter, more humid and their are billions of flies and mosquitoes that now want to eat me alive! ;) We are also in the hills, so every time it rains, there is a lot of thunder and lightning and it is sooooo loud! We are so close to the clouds here. It is the loudest thunderstorms I have ever heard!

My week...

Monday: It was a blast! We had an Actividad de Zona. We did a relay race. We played the balloon toss one on one and the pair that lost got a water balloon popped over their head. Of course the Elders made it so all the Hermanas lost at least once, so we were ALL soaking wet! But it was so much fun!! It feels great when it is so hot here! Then we watched the new Star Wars! It was an awesome movie! Hope I can watch it when I come home too, so that I can understand it a little better. I liked it. I felt like they were trying to keep it like the old movies. That was our P-day.

Tuesday: We had a Capacitacion de Zona. This capacitacion was amazing!! Truly amazing! My favorite part was at the end. They had us do a practice with "members" and it turns out the members had to count how many times the missionaries mentioned Jesus Christ. We were surprised when we heard numbers such as 1, 2, 4. In this moment I truly learned that this is not my gospel. It is His gospel and everything should be focusing on Christ-all our words, our thoughts. There should not be a single lesson where we do not mention Jesus Christ. I realized that if we want to make true disciples out of people we have to always say His name. We have to help them make Christ the center of their lives like the scripture says in 2 Nephi 25:26 "and we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins." How can we be representatives of Christ if we never say his name? How can they know that we are disciples of Christ if we do not follow in his footsteps and rejoice at his love for us and praise his name? To be true disciples of Christ everything we do and say and think should center on Christ and what he would do say and think. We talked about how we should testify boldly and clearly and simply just like the prophets and apostles. It was a great capacitacion.

Wednesday: A miracle happened this day. There is a family in which all the sons are members, but the wives are not members. and the wives have made them fall away from the church. There is one wife, Cristiana, and all the family has told us that she is very Cristiana and is not going to change or like us in her house. But we went to visit her daughter and found the mom as well. After we taught her daughter we talked with the mom. We talked with her and she actually accepted to listen to us!! She accepted to learn more about what we believe, and look for true happiness! Miracles do happen once in a while. Just goes to show that we can't judge and we just have to keep trying with all our friends and family.

Thursday: Not much happened but we ate the most amazing food! It's called Pastel Azteca!! Sooo good! I love the food here!

Friday: We had the most amazing lesson in the morning. We went to visit a contact all the way in Luz y Esperanza (area that is far away). We began to talk with the husband and wife. We invited them to be baptized and the husband automatically said no, that he was going to remain Catholic. We shared our testimonies how we learned in the capacitacion Tuesday and we could see that the husband could feel the truth and power of our words, but he still refused! However, the wife accepted to listen to us. I hope we can have so much success with her and her children-that we can change their tradition to real faith.

Saturday: Normal day

Sunday: Well, only Jorge came to church this day. It was kind of sad, but so great for him! This man has changed so dramatically in only a week! He suffers from all sorts of addictions and he started to read the Book of Mormon. He doesn't grab everything it says, but he feels so different when he reads it. He truly has a testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon! He is growing so fast and it is amazing to see his transformation! He is so happy. He smiles now. He has less fear to go out in the world! The gospel of Jesus Christ truly heals us physically and espiritually!!

Well, this week I saw what happens to a family when the children are given everything-don't want for anything or have to work for anything. And let's just say it is not good. I love and appreciate my parents so much for teaching me the value of hard work. They taught me how to work hard. I'm so grateful they told me to get a job and that they didn't just give me money whenever I wanted. That they taught me to be self sufficient, to manage my money, to pay my tithing. They have taught me to work hard so that I can do all things for myself. I don't have to rely on others. I can solve my problems and live my life free. I know that this is something very important that we have to teach our kids. They need to learn to work in their job, in the house, in the yard. They need to learn to manage money and be self sufficient. They need to be prepared. As parents you can't be there ALL the time. It's impossible. As kids we need to learn to fly so one day we can leave the nest. It doesn't help us if you give us everything. Also, set the rules in your house. The kids should never have permission to hit you, to say rude things, to be disrespectful, to not help in the house. Sometimes, as the parents, you think if you punish us or discipline us we are going to hate you. Maybe for a moment, we think we hate you, but as kids we will ALWAYS LOVE OUR PARENTS. But it is your responsibility to teach us the right path, to teach us the skills. You are the ones that mold us. Instruye un niño en su camino y cuando el es viejo no se apartarà. Don't be afraid to teach your kids what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and not acceptable, what their responsibilities are and what you expect of them. MY mom always had high expectations, but expectations that were achievable. This made me have success in all aspects of my life and I am continuing to see the fruit. Thank you Mom and Dad! I love you! Hope I can do as good a job as you two one day!

Love you all!


Hermana Lutze

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