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Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 44 (Come Out of the Bubble!)

Dear family and friends,

Monday: We went to a plot of land owned by a member here in Durango to see if we could have an activity out there. While we were there we explored and played around. I found where all the frogs were hiding and I got frogs! Now we have pet frogs - Peter, Freddy, Unicornia, and Dragona. It is very interesting trying to feed them! We have to catch flies in the bathroom and then try to put them in with the frogs without the frogs or flies escaping. It is definitely a two woman job! ;) But it is really fun to have pet frogs. I think soon they will have a new home. I also caught a giant lizard! Let's just say it was a fun day in the wild Durango!

Tuesday: We had Capacitacion. It was a very interesting capacitacion. They talked about technology including its correct use and integrity. Apparently, we will be getting ipads soon. It will be nice to have access to so many resources!! Then in the afternoon, my companion felt sick so I went with a member and she stayed with a member. My day was fine until I ran into 2 cristianas. I started talking with them and everything was OK until they became angry. They said we don't need a church and that the people are the church. One of them shared that she could put her hands on the heads of people and heal them and that she has received the Holy Ghost and therefore has this power........mmmmmmm no. Lo siento hermana. She did not like me and the fact that she did not have this power and authority. It was quite the experience. I stayed calm while she ranted on. It was nice to be a defender of the faith. :)

Wednesday: Normal day.

Thursday: Today was a day of a lot of rejection. The people in Durango are very cold and unwelcoming. We receive a lot of rejection here. We get about 2 addresses for every 10 people we contact and that is on a good day. But it's all good. We are looking for the few and chosen.

Friday: We had another crazy lesson with Jose Manuel. The whole time we talked about the Jehovah Witnesses. We had to prove to him why Jehovah is Jesus Christ. It is hard to teach a lawyer. No me diga! The missionaries won the debate! ;) You can't beat God's Team.

Saturday: We found a new investigator who has a lot of potential! He was confused about Jehovah and Jesucristo, even though he is Catholic? However, we read a scripture and just like that, "Oh, Jehovah is Jesucristo. Now I understand" ......oh thank you, thank you!! He was so much more humble and easy to teach than many others!! He has so many good questions of the soul! I hope he can progress!

Sunday: We took the sacrament to Viki again. She is so sweet and prepared. Viki's baptism will be the 26th and Jorge had his entrevista! Yay! So many good things happening here!

I really liked what we learned about INTEGRITY this week in the capacitacion and the use of computers. I learned that integrity is basically to be a person that others can confide in and rely on. We really have to ask ourselves if we can be depended on? Can others rely on us to do what we say we are going to do? Are we going to be punctual? Will we be true and devoted to what we say?  Am I someone that the Lord can depend on? Integrity really plays an important part in all that we do. In school, work, family, friends. If we can't be a person that can be depended on then of what use are we? For the Lord, well, really of no use. If we want to be of use, if we want to help others, if we want to do things in this world, we have to be people with INTEGRITY so we can fulfill our role.

They talked about cellphones, tablets and such. The truth is this - sometimes we live IN our phones or tablet or computer and forget to live the real life. We spend hours on a device but what have we achieved or learned? In church are we on our phones during the sacrament? While people are teaching or sharing comments? When we do that we miss out on all the things we could be learning. When we get on our phones, we put ourselves in a bubble where the good cannot enter, but the bad can. Satan is the one who wants to distract us from what is really important and put us in a bubble of isolation. That is exactly where he wants us and he wants us to feel alone. During church, scriptures on the phone are OK, games and texting and such, not so much. Can we not give our Heavenly Father 3 little hours of our time each week without distractions? He is trying to teach and tell us things but if we enter the bubble, the message cannot enter.

So this week I invite each of you to look at your life and how you can have more integrity. How can you be relied on more, take more time for yourself, do something good and spend less time on your phones and devices. I challenge each of you to spend more time with God and less time with the smart phone. Great changes will come about if we can all make this change. And if you are going to use devices make sure it is always for an uplifting purpose. (family movie night, Mario Kart racing competition, Rock band rock off, etc....you get the idea) I promise you will find more purpose and joy in your lives if you live your life and not the life of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Love you all!


Hermana Lutze

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