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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 46

Querida Hermana Lutze,

I've been thinking about Presidente's message and reading in 1 Nephi. Laman and Lemuel were definitely skiers while Nephi was a scuba diver. You can see how Nephi sought to know the truth for himself. In 1 Nephi 15: 8-11 he asks his brothers if they have inquired of the Lord. The condition of our hearts is so important and determines whether we are skiers, snorkelers, or scuba divers. On another note  I love 1 Nephi 14:14 and I'm reminded of you and all righteous members of the church when I read it. We are armed with righteousness and with the power of God!

This week was officially the first week of school. I, of course, bought more school supplies and signed numerous disclosure documents! :) I took back the house on Saturday-deep cleaning the basement and the upstairs. Natalie has the entire upstairs to herself! Wow! Dylan comes out on Tuesday and goes into the MTC on Wednesday. Yosh goes to the temple on Tuesday. He chose the Provo City Center Temple. It's such a beautiful temple!

Hannah is all moved in. We took a few more groceries to her yesterday. I have to say finding a place to put them was interesting. We had to be creative. She attended freshmen orientation and is getting to know her roommates. She's working on Thursdays and some weekends and volunteering in the morning on Tuesdays in the OR.

Natalie has headed straight into lots of homework. She has a fairly heavy load this year. They tried to kick her out of US History which is now a junior or senior class but she wouldn't let them. I find it ironic that Mr. Meek was the one trying to get her out when he's the one that actually helped me get her in earlier in the summer due to her busy schedule her junior year. We were trying to find some balance.

Jakob is busy as well and seems to really like junior high. He eats school lunch every day and loves it! He hasn't found many of his friends yet to sit with at lunch which worries me a little. His new soccer team won their first game yesterday. It was a nice feeling to actually win a game since last year was such a disaster!

I hope you're doing well. Dad told me you're feeling tired? I'm so happy for your baptism of Hno. Jorge! He's come such a long way! Positive change in people is always so amazing! The Lord truly works miracles! I'm glad you were able to find some pants and play a joke on the Elders.

You have been getting my letters right? Keep up the hard work of being an instrument in the hands of God. I was praying this week to feel more needed or useful in the Church. My current calling doesn't lend itself too much to this... A few days later within a 24 hour period I was asked to help with the Beehive lesson today, substitute in Primary today and next week, and teach the RS lesson next Sunday! ; I had already accepted the assignment in the Beehives and had to turn down the Primary so I will be teaching RS next Sunday. Dad said to me "what were you thinking? That's like asking Curt if he has more work for you to do!" :) I feel this need to feel useful stems from our natural tendencies as women to have charity for others. We want to serve those around us. This is how we feel validated! I'm so grateful to be a member of Relief Society. It is a powerful organization for good!

I love you so much!



P. S. Hannah told me last night that effective immediately all future applicants for the nursing program must defer after at least one semester in the program. They can no longer defer upon acceptance like you were able to do.

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