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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

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Rachael's Picture

Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 78 (The Rooster in the Tree)


Monday we had a blast with Hna Holman and Hna Pira! We ate crepes and walked around the city! It was a fun and beautiful day!

Tuesday we had an awesome capacitacion de Zona! However, it was very very very long!! We were there from 10 until 5. Presidente taught us some great things that are going to help us be expert teachers!! It's a whole new way of reading and presenting scriptures!

Wednesday was awesome!! We found a new family to teach!! We found a lovely old couple that want to be together forever! AND we got a rooster out of a tree with prayer! I will tell you all about it at the end.

Thursday we had another great day! The Lord is truly blessing us with great days! We found two new families and one of these families is amazing!! They really want to find the truth and they want the best for their two little girls! Obviously the best is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

Friday we went and saw David again. (I don't know if you remember him?) The point is that he began to drink again. We went and saw him and he was so sad and devastated, but now he really wants to listen to us and really wants to be baptized!! It's amazing how the Lord works!! He humbled David enough to really give us the opportunity to help him!  

Saturday was awesome and interesting! We taught two young women and we found out that they are Lesbian (Actually we already knew! We just didn't tell them). It was so interesting to relate the gospel to the struggles of these two girls. I hope we can help them obtain the happiness that God wants for each and every one of us :). 

Sunday was great as well!! David went to church and also one of the new families! (Elena y Diego) They felt really good in church! It was a great day!

Well, now for the story about the rooster. So we went to visit one of our investigators-Fransisca. She has a rooster that she sold to a young boy. However, when she sold her rooster it flew up on a house and wouldn't come down! (I think he knew what was  going on!) It had been up there for 3 days now! So at first we tried to get it down. We threw rocks and it eventually got off the roof!!! Yes!! ...................but then it flew up in the treee!!!!! No......................... So we told her, "Look, we are going to say a prayer and teach you and when we finish, the rooster will come down. She didn't believe us. She thought we were crazy, but she let us teach her. We said a prayer to start and I have NEVER in my life prayed for a rooster to come down, but there is a first for everything! I prayed with all my might and faith. Then we taught her and as we were saying the closing prayer, all I could think was "Oh Heavenly Father, I know you have power over all things. Please do this tiny thing for us. Please bring down this rooster!" and the very moment that my companion said Amen,..........................the rooster came flying down!!! So we chased it and caught it and gave it to the young boy!! It was so funny and such an amazing experience!! 

I truly know that prayer with faith brings miracles!! I know God listens to us and answers our prayers! I know that when we are obedient, we have the power to call down upon us whatever blessing we may need from God.... We can even make a rooster come down from a tree. I know that if you will pray with sincerity and act in faith, doubting nothing and obeying everything, God will always give you what you need! 

So how many people do you need to get a rooster down from a tree? Only two missionaries with the prayer of faith and the will of God on their side ;).

I love you all so much!! I hope you can all pray more fervently and obey more perfectly to receive all the answers to your prayers!!

Love you all so much! See you soon!

Hermana Lutze

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