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Rachael's Picture

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 4 (The POWER of the ATONEMENT)

So this week has been just as good as the rest! I have learned more about the gospel, Spanish, and myself. It is amazing that I have only been here one month and have already learned and changed so much!

FRIDAY: We just studied and taught and spoke Spanish like good little missionaries. I spent the entire day with my best friends! It is amazing that my district can be so close when we have only known each other for about one month! I wish that people could always get along like this. The world would  be so much happier if we could just love each other and accept each other for who we are! This is what I feel Heaven would be like! Everyone would love everyone, no one would feel left out or sad, everyone would have a friend to talk to and everyone could be themselves!

SATURDAY: This day was awesome! We played games as we studied Spanish! We had a competition and whoever won the round picked the punishment for the other team! It was Hermanas vs. Elders, so obviously the Hermanas won. We made the Elders do clapping push-ups! Then we made them run to a far away tree and back. That was HILARIOUS in their suits! Later in the day we played Pato, Pato, Ganso (Duck, Duck, Goose). It was really hard to stand up and run in a skirt, but worth it to watch the very competitive Elders hold on to each other in order to get to the spot first! We have the most fun out of everyone here at the CCM and yet learn so much! We taught volunteers again in TRC. There were not enough people so we actually 'skyped' someone. The rest of the day was normal studying, planning, and teaching.

SUNDAY: Sundays at the CCM are the absolute best! We learn so much and feel so spiritually uplifted! In Relief Society, we watched the #BecauseHeLives video. I love this video because it increases my love for the Savior and everything He did for me! We then talked more about Christ and I loved it. It really strengthened my testimony! My love has grown for Him, more than I ever thought possible. Then we had what would be similar to Sunday School. We talked about repentance and how if we need to repent of anything, we should feel comfortable enough to go to the mission president and confess. Later in the evening we attended a class with President Tenario (CCM President). He taught on the topic of specific prayer. His lesson made me think about my prayers. I need to be more specific in what I am grateful for and what I need in my life. That way I am pondering in my life what I need, or what needs to change. Also, by having specific prayers, we will be able to recognize the hand of the Lord more often and more easily in our life. I really liked his lesson and I am trying to apply it to my life and come closer to my Heavenly Father. After dinner we watched the movie "The Testaments." It was a great movie! It showed parts of the life of the Savior and His coming, but all from the Nephite point of view! It was way cool because I had never seen it from their point of view. After the movie we played Scripture Roulette. I found so many new scriptures that I was not familiar with!

MONDAY: So the day was going along as usual la, la, la.... studying....reading....Spanish. Eventually we got to our additional study time. Hermano Sanchez was meeting one on one with members of our district. I was about to begin my own study when I received the biggest and clearest impression I've ever felt in my life. It was strange! Someone was literally speaking to me in the room. I was prompted to go to Elder Jenkins and help him with his Spanish. At first I was unsure; I didn't know if he was going to reject my help because he is stubborn. But, I took courage and went over and asked him if he would let me help him memorize the Baptismal Question. He said, "Yes!" and we worked on it for the next half hour. By the end of the time he had the whole thing memorized in Spanish! Hermano Sanchez tested him on it and he said it perfectly again! Hermano Sanchez hugged him; he was so happy! Hermano Sanchez then came and talked to me and thanked me for helping him. He had tried to help him earlier and it hadn't worked, so I guess I really got through to him. I was so grateful I listened to the Spirit and acted on it. (Thanks Uncle John! :)) I am hoping that Elder Jenkins will continue to accept my help to improve his Spanish. He is struggling to understand the language and it makes him depressed when he doesn't get it.

TUESDAY: Normal day of studying and reading. We did attend an evening devotional, after which we were supposed to return to our room for a discussion. However, the Elders had the opportunity to give their first blessing to Elder Davey. Then, Hermana Smith (name changed) started crying and asked to also have a blessing. It is amazing to me that these 18 year old boys can stand there and be worthy of their priesthood and give such incredible blessings. They literally spoke by the power of God. The Spirit was so strong! It was an incredible experience. Hermana Smith said she had been meeting with the President regarding some sins she needed to confess. She related to us how she felt so clean now but that she might be sent home. This brought us in to a big testimony meeting on the Atonement. I can't say everything that was said nor explain how powerful the Spirit was in that room, but let me just say that I know that the Atonement is real. I know that it changes lives. I know that through the Atonement we can be forgiven of ANYTHING. It may take some time and effort, but our sins can be forgiven and Heavenly Father remembers them no more. It is amazing that we can be forgiven and feel such great peace again!

That night we went home and talked more about the Atonement and its power. 2 Nephi 9 is an amazing chapter about Christ's INFINITE ATONEMENT. I hope you will each study this chapter. Come to know, not believe, but know that through the Atonement we can be clean again. Through the Atonement we can change and be better. Through the Atonement we can find comfort and know that our Savior has experienced it all. He knows EXACTLY what we are feeling. We just need to have the strength and courage to COME unto CHRIST. His arms are open, but we are the ones that have to take the steps to come unto Him and be healed by His love, grace, and Atonement. Please don't wait to repent. We don't have to carry that huge weight upon our shoulders. It has already been carried and paid for. So come unto Christ and repent be healed in His loving arms. No sin is too big and there is no point of no return. We can ALWAYS come back. I know I am never perfect but every time I use the Atonement I come a little closer to becoming like Him and becoming perfected through Him.

I love you all! I hope you are having an amazing week! I hope you are all striving to BECOME and are FAILING FORWARD!


Hermana Lutze

P.S. So today we found if Hermana Smith can stay. The First Presidency received her case and made their decision. President Call informed us that she has to go home. There were lots of tears. Everyone is sad she has to go. She would have been a great missionary. Hopefully, she will come back out.

But this is why it is important to get EVERYTHING resolved before the mission. No matter how embarrassing! You will feel so free when you do. God loves you, but He needs WORTHY missionaries. The best thing you can be is a worthy missionary because only then can you preach with the Spirit and with POWER.


Elders Casey and McLaughlin

Hermanas Olsen Lutze and Robertson

Hermanas Shumway Lutze and Briggs

Hermanas Robertson, Peterson, Lutze, and Knudsen

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