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Rachael's Picture

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 7 (Spiders and Dogs Anyone?)

Dearest Family, 

Well, to say the least, this week has been really HARD. I feel home sick a lot and at times scared when I am around certain people. The weather is HOT here! It is like Utah summer weather in November! Hopefully, I will be in Durango for the summer. It is much cooler.

I live in a cute little house with my Hermana. However, it is so infested with spiders! Everywhere! Dead and alive. But, today we cleaned our house so it is much better now. I should have taken a picture to show you how big some of the spiders were!! Anyways, I survived the spiders. On another note, you can't flush the toilet paper here so you have to throw it away, kind of gross. And, we wash everything by hand which takes forever.

We have a pretty big area to cover. It takes at least an hour to walk from one end to the other. Our area is comprised of eight colonies and too many dogs to count. I have never seen so many dogs in my life! They just run around free. So, my dear siblings, if you want a dog, just come to Mexico and you can find any dog you want.:) The houses here are the tiniest things. They are all cookie-cutter houses like back home with the exception of no yard and the water is on top of the house. Each home is made of cement with only two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and living area. The people are so poor they barely have furniture and food and yet they have their TVs with Dish. Of course!! Why not!!? It is the strangest thing! These houses are the saddest things I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong, there are some nice houses too, but most of the them are dirty, run-down, and falling apart. However, even though they have so little, it amazes me how much they are willing to share with each other.

There are soccer/basketball courts everywhere! I wish we had these in the US! They would be so awesome! I will have to take a picture. There are always children playing outside and these tiny kids go to bed later than I do! It is so very different here from the US.

Let's see, oh I rode in my first taxi on my first day here. We also ride the bus. That is an adventure! The bus drives around and all you have to do is wave, it stops, you hop on, and then it keeps going! It's like the fairy godmother of transportation! Then, since the roads are terrible, it is the bumpiest ride ever and you have to hold on for dear life! When you see where you want to get off you stand up and they stop for you! It is so nice!

Another interesting thing... I get kissed and hugged a lot! That is basically how they greet and say goodbye here so yah ..... lots of love and kissing. Don't worry, I've got the motion down pat now ;).

As for the actual missionary work, I think it has been going pretty well. Each day we try to contact 30 people. We got 7 of our investigators to come to church with us!! I think most of them will be baptized. My Spanish is getting better. It is so hard to understand what they are saying though. Poco a Poco!

Today, I was reading in Jacob 5 about the olive trees. I found it interesting that the master planted some of his good branches in poor plots of ground. This wasn't so they would die; it was to help them grow and become strengthened. It was to help them bring forth good fruit. I am in the desert, Hopefully I can thrive and bring forth good fruit because these are the last days and we need to be prepared and strengthened! I liked what mom said about the in between moments. Everyone knows about the beginning and the end but no one talks about the middle-the actual journey. The middle moment or the journey is the part that is the hardest.  That is where the stretching and growing takes place .The middle is where we show our strength! The middle is where we find out what we are made of. Will we thrive or will we crumble? That all depends on us and how we depend on the Lord.

Love you all! I hope you are all safe and well!


Hermana Lutze

Everyone I am sorry I didn't respond to your emails. I don't have time. I need to go to a meeting.

My New Address:

Hermana Rachael Lutze
Mision Mexico Torreon
Calle Ernesto Bredee #301
Col. Ampliacion Los Angeles
C.P. 27140 Torreon Coahuila

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