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Rachael's Picture

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 17 (Are You Making Time to KNOW Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ?)

Dear family and friends,

Well another week has come and gone and I'm still not sure whether it was fast or slow. Parts were fast and other parts were slow. We found some new investigators who have great potential! I am excited to see what happens with them!


As we were driving to the Centro de Camiones to pick up Hermana Gomez and drop off Hermana Rubina, we got a little lost I guess (although I wasn't lost but no one listens to me because I'm a Gringa). So we are on the freeway and this is when you know you are in Mexico. We drove up next to another car and slowed down to talk to them..........on the freeway!! So ya that was my new experience-asking directions from the car next to us on the freeway.  This pais is a bit crazy; but it's okay, I still love them!


Today was fabulous! We made 41 contacts which was a new record for us and many of them were very good! I love my new companion, Hermana Gomez! She is so happy and loving! She's not quite as serious as Hermana Rubina which is really good for me! I hope we can have a lot of success together!


Today, well it started out bad. We literally could not find ANYONE in their homes to teach. So we finally went to eat. After eating, we left and were walking towards Santa Sofia when suddenly the Spirit brought Omar and Marcia to my mind. So we turned around and walked to their house. It was about 4 in the afternoon and normally they are not home at this time. But we knocked on their gate and they answered! We entered and they asked how we knew that they had just gotten home and that they were both there together?! Well, we actually didn't know but thanks to the spirit we were able to find them! Miracles!! As we were talking with them, we learned that Omar has started to read the Book of Mormon of his own accord!!! Changes are happening! Oh, I am praying so much for this family!! I hope that he will continue to read and gain a testimony! So we will start to visit them again this week. Later that afternoon we went to the church for our Movie Night. This time it was "Meet the Mormons." Geydi actually accompanied us! Yay! Hopefully we can get her back as well.


Normal day of teaching so not much to say for today.


Today while teaching one of our investigators her dog was all over the place. At one point he was walking along the back of the couch behind me and Hermana Gomez. He was walking and walking and then we heard him stop behind me. Then he was sniffing me and then he started to climb and walk on top of me! Ugh! I have never had a dog walk on me! But I guess there is a first time for everything, especially in Mexico. People keep telling me that I am going to know the world here. I guess that is true. I am going to meet all the types of people I've never met before, see things I've never seen, and experience things I've never experienced. This is quite the adventure!!

I've been really trying to teach more with the spirit. I try to listen to the investigator and listen to the promptings of the spirit to know what to say. It is so hard sometimes to understand what the spirit wants me to say because it is not like a script in your head. It is feelings and promptings and they are small and subtle. It's mental exercise and is somewhat exhausting. However, I am determined to make this spiritual muscle buff beyond belief! ;) because I know it will help me now and forever.


Today I had another very unique experience. We were in the home of Hermana Pati who is a recent convert and Menos Activo. She is the only  member of her family and her family does not do good stuff so it is really hard for her. While we were there her son Chewie entered. (Yes dad, that is actually a name here-well probably a nick name. And no, I will not be naming my first son after Chewbacca.)  First thing, he came up to me and offered me a beer and then offered me a cigarette! Well people, I was shocked! This was the first time anyone has offered me these things in my sweet Mormon life. However, I am pleased to announce that I said "No" and then proceeded to teach him about the Word of Wisdom ;). This boy is so much trouble-his poor mother. I hope one day he will come to his senses and change his life. That's as exciting as my life got this week.


Today we taught Lili Jaques. She is an amazing investigator! I'm so excited to teach her more! She has a great interest in the gospel and pays such good attention! It is people like her that keep me going, keep me working so that I can find them. We also met the neighbors of Hermana Dovali. Carlos and Nayeli and Verenisa and Ector. They all live in the same house and they have all the perfect questions of "why are there so many churches?" and "where do we go after this life?"! They are so golden. I hope we can have much success with them! Then we went to our FHE with Cristal and Haile. It was there turn to teach, but there was some confusion, so we improvised. We chose a topic at random and it turned out to be the Word of Wisdom. Afterwards we played "What If....."!!! I have great memories with that game! Thank you soccer team for all the fun times and for playing that game! Who knew I would be using it here in the mission field?!

Cristal and Haile have been praying a lot that Cristal could have another baby. She has had a lot of problems with that. Well Sunday at church, Cristal told us that she is pregnant! It strengthened their faith so much in the power of prayer!! So excited for her!

This week I have been thinking a great deal about temples. In Utah, we are SO BLESSED to have numerous temples so close! Here, they must travel 5 hours and then they are only allowed to do one session because there are too many people on the weekends! Then they drive 5 hours back. In addition to the time, it costs a lot of money! These people sacrifice so much to go to the temple; whereas, we sometimes can barely spare one afternoon to go to the temple that is less than 30 minutes from our homes. We need to not take the temple for granted and go as often as possible! It is a PRIVILEGE, not an opportunity or a nice option in life, to go to the temple. When we go to the temple, we are literally entering into the presence of our Heavenly Father. Remember from last week, Eternity is composed of "nows." This life is part of our eternity. The real question is-Do we want to live in the presence of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father? That is the goal-to obtain eternal life and live with them again. However, how can we expect to live with them in the next life when we couldn't even take the time to go visit them in their home here on the earth? As Brad Wilcox said, "We 'learn heaven' we don't 'earn heaven.'" And where are the greatest schools to 'learn heaven'? The temple and church! We need both! Church instructs us and helps us for the things in our life now while the temple connects us with the past, prepares us for the future and strengthens us for the "now." Brothers, sisters, family and friends, please joyfully go to the temple and to church every week. And if you can't go to the temple every week set a goal that is appropriate for you-every other week, every month. Don't procrastinate in getting to know our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Remember we are here to return to them-to return HOME. Right now we can't return home, but we can have a home away from home at church and in the temple. Remember that in John 17:3 we learn, "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent." The time to know them is here on earth. After we die and are resurrected, it is too late. We can't get to know them in the Celestial kingdom. We have to get to know them here. Do what they would do, say what they would say, become as they are. The temple and church are where we can learn more about them and strengthen our relationship with them. The week is so that we can put it all into practice and then go back to the temple and church again to learn more. It is a never-ending cycle that will bring us never-ending happiness!! I testify that all of this is true and that I know each of us can make it to that state of never ending happiness with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! I love you all! Stay strong, become and fail forward!


Hermana Lutze

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  1. Carolyn, do I post a comment here? Or do I send it to her email?. This week I'm sending it to her email. thanks! Great advice, I love it and testify that it's true, every single word she said! Thanks for sharing!