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Rachael's Picture

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 20 (Are You Growing Your Own Tree of Life?)

Dear family and friends,

Well this week flew by! And we had the most amazing experience in the history of experiences! But I will save that for a little later. Hermana Santiesteban is from Chiapas, Mexico.

Monday: We went to the chapel in Guardiana for our district meeting. The ride was spectacular! We passed fountains and old fashioned buildings! I felt like I was getting a taste of Europe! One day I will get there for reals :). Anyway, it was beautiful!

Tuesday: We talked with this old man and shared some of the gospel with him. But he didn't want to listen, so he said "No" and went on his merry way. As he walked away we saw him sneeze and he sneezed out his DENTURES! It was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen! Then he picked them up and popped them back in! Oh dear, we tried so hard not to laugh.........but it was inevitable! Later we encountered another man that was so downhearted and sad. We talked to him. It is amazing how fast people just open up and spill out all their life problems to us. I think there is something about us that says they can trust us. We talked with him and shared a scripture and he left so much happier! It made us happy! I felt like a true disciple of Christ-comforting those in need of comfort and lifting the hands that hang down. I hope I can always be that light and hope in the lives of others!

Wednesday: This was a good day! We encountered so many great new investigtors! It is so amazing how the Lord softens their hearts while we talk to them. And how he puts us in the path of old investigators! I am so amazed at how the Lord works!

Thursday: We literally encountered every Jehovah Witness that lives here! Every contact was a JW! But it was fine, we didn't contend but simply bore our testimonies. So sad for what they are missing out on. We also contacted this guy that works in a Carneceria. All he did was stare deeply into my eyes.......AWKWARD! Then he told me how beautiful I was.......tha thank you? I was so  surprised. If it is even possible I get EVEN MORE attention here than I did in Gomez! Lots of comments and whistles. Lovely. Life of a guerrita.

Friday: We contacted a man se llama Carlos. He is a great new investigator! I hope we can teach him and his family soon. We were passing by and he called out to us and we went over. It turns out he was drunk. He said his name was Hercules and then Nemo and I don't even remember the other names! Then he kept telling us to not discriminate against people! Hilarious! Don't drink, it will take away your self control.

Saturday: It has been rainy here so not a ton of people to contact in the streets but we still made some good contacts. That night we saw a woman on the corner. We went to talk to her. We asked her "Podemos ayudarle ahora con algo?" Can we help you with something right now? She asked if we could pray for her who is sick? We asked who? Then she just began to walk away......uh ok? So we followed her to her house and encountered her daughter who is pregnant and very ill. We called a priesthood holder to give her a blessing. Then we found out that they are actually members but inactive for 22 years!? Wow, the Lord, really loves them to put them in our path again!

Sunday: Now here is where the crazy part comes in! So we went to check on Nora (sick pregnant daughter) in the night. While we sat there talking they began to ask us how we knew Nora's name and knew that she was sick?! Well we had absolutely no idea! However when we talked to the mom last night on the corner she heard us ask,  "Can we do anything to help Nora?" Well, we didn't say that, but the Lord changed the sound and made her hear that! Also, she said she thought we were the Jehovah Witnesses she has been talking to!? The Lord disguised us to look like the Jehovah Witnesses because we were literally standing right next to her! She should have been able to tell that we were not them! It was so cool! I felt like Nephi dressed as Laban! And that is why she let us into her house. It was only once we were inside that she saw that we were from her old church! There are so many signs telling them to come back to the church! I hope they pay attention! They were so in awe with us and what happened!! I was so grateful to the Lord! I was able to see how we were LITERALLY INSTRUMENTS IN HIS HANDS! The most amazing experience! The Lord works in mysterious ways!

I read something I really liked this week in Alma 31. Alma was talking about the Zoramites and how they were so wicked and their religion was so perverted. They worshipped their God on the Sabbath and then left and spoke of him no more. I often ask this question: Are we Sabbath Day Mormons or Everyday Mormons? Hopefully we are the latter. No good or growth can come of Sabbath Day Mormons. We need to be Everyday Mormons especially in these latter days! We cannot afford to be that weak and vulnerable during the week! We need to learn and put in our hearts that this is not just a religion or a church. This is a culture-a way of life. There is no separation between life and religion and life and church. They should be one. We should be the same person in church and throughout the week! The reason this is so important is because of the other thing I learned. I learned that we GROW OUR OWN TREES OF LIFE. We are all given a seed of the tree of life. However, we all have to grow our own. We can't pick the fruit from someone else's tree and no one else can care for our tree like we can. Each of us has to give nutrients and love and attention to this tree. And not just one day of the week (because the tree will die) but every single day of our lives! Plants are hard and there are many things that will easily kill them (just ask my mom). If we are not careful something may creep into our garden and destroy our tree in only a day! So please, guard your tree, care for it every day with the little things-prayer, scripture study, church, service and you will see this tree grow to be large and beautiful and one day you will reap the harvest thereof which fruit is the whitest and most delicious above all fruit! The fruit of Eternal Life!

I love you all! Hope you are all well and loving life!


Hermana Lutze

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