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Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 35 (In the Lord's Time and Way)

Dear family and friends,

Hola a todos de Mexico! Well, another crazy week has flown by. I can't believe that I'm almost to the downhill run. That is kind of scary :) But life keeps moving, with or without me. Entonces, I better go with it. :)

My week:

Monday: Just a normal dia de preparacion. In the evening we visited our investigators.

Tuesday: We had an awesome Capacitacion de Zona on Preguntas Inspiradas (Inspired Questions). Really, Preguntas Inspiradas are the best way to have success on the mission. Afterwards, we went to a member's house to eat. I ate rice and we put bananas in it! I was so surprised because it was actually delicious! I've now found a new way to eat bananas other than in ice cream ;) 

Wednesday: We took about a million bus rides. My companion had to go to the dermatologist. We went there and then stopped by the pharmacy, but she forgot some ID for reimbursement, so we went back to the house and then back to the pharmacy and then back to the house again. All in all it was 5 bus rides and our entire morning ;) I'm sure we rode ever blue bus in Durango.  

Thursday: Today, I don't know why, but my compaƱera and I were really, really synced with the Spirit. Normally we feel the Spirit. But today was special because I knew the Spirit was actually talking to me  and guiding me by the hand. Really exciting experience! 

Friday: We went to visit Carlos our investigator. He had the homework to really pray and meditate on baptism to receive a clear answer from God. Well, he did the homework and received his answer!......and decided not to be baptized. He wants to be baptized in New York. We couldn't believe our ears, to say the least. He denied his answer and was putting his own terms to God. He said he made a deal with God that if He let him get to New York, he would be baptized. We were very clear with him and let me be clear with all of you. We do not put our terms to God. In this life, God is the one who sets the terms and we can choose to obey or not obey. Accept or not accept.  But we do not make the deals. The blessings that WE want will only come after the trial of our faith. They WILL come. But we must always do the will of our Heavenly Father first, not only doing His will if He gives us something first. God  does not need us, but we need Him. So He sets the terms which we can accept and receive all the happiness that we will ever need. I promise that if you submit to the Lord, everything will be all right. Everything will work out perfectly. But we can't focus on Him our plans, We have to search for HIS plans. Don't deny the answers from God and don't hesitate to follow them. 

Saturday: Today was the most perfect day! We went to visit our investigator Monserat. She wasn't there and her husband said to return in about an hour. So we went to visit our recent converts. As we were walking to their house, we saw a young woman standing outside her home. She looked like she was going to a party. Lots of makeup, hair done, short short dress. At first I thought, no no. She won't want to listen. She just wants to live her party life. But, as we were about to pass, the Spirit stopped me to talk to her (literally and physically stopped me.) As we talked, she began to cry. She told us how she hates being immodest and wearing lots of makeup. She told us how her mother-in-law and her family disapprove that she  was baptized into the Christian church (all her family is Catholic or non religious) and they force her to dress up like that and go to parties and such. Wow, I couldn't believe it. This woman has passed through so much with her family. They have criticized her for her religion and beliefs, and she was beginning to crumble beneath their pressure. I was so grateful I listened to the Spirit to contact her.  She has so much potential to become a member of the church!! She is definitely an escogido. I hope she listens to the Spirit and learns the truth of the gospel and gets baptized!! After that we went to the recent converts' house and we found that their family was visiting them. We talked with them and learned that the cousin that was there was struggling. We learned that she has been having thoughts about ending her life.We arrived in the nick of time to talk to her about the gospel. Sadly she's not in our area, but the missionaries will pass by. Interestingly enough, we arrived 5 minutes after they arrived. If we hadn't talked with Daniela first (woman in dress) we would have arrived too early and not found them there to talk about the gospel. After we talked with them, we went back to Monserat and taught her. Truly it was an amazing day-all done in the Lord's Time and the Lord's Way.

Sunday: Normal Sunday. The air was so fresh and crisp! Also, I literally saw a dog get run over, I saw him UNDER the tire and he yelped and got up and ran and ran and ran. I hope he is still OK. Yah......not a pretty Sunday sight ;) 


1. Let the Holy Spirit guide;
Let him teach us what is true.
He will testify of Christ,
Light our minds with heaven's view.

2. Let the Holy Spirit guard;
Let his whisper govern choice.
He will lead us safely home
If we listen to his voice.

3. Let the Spirit heal our hearts
Thru his quiet, gentle pow'r.
May we purify our lives
To receive him hour by hour

This is my spiritual thought for you. Let the spirit guide you. Always follow its promptings and never reject the answers God gives you.

I love you all! Have a good week!!


Hermana Lutze

P. S. Mom note: Hermana Lutze was transferred to a new area today and is now a Mami! Hopefully we'll hear more about this new development next week.

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