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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

Rachael's Picture

Rachael's Picture

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 37

Querida Hermana Lutze,

Como anda todo? We attended Karen and Joseph's sealing on Saturday in the Oakland Temple! It was very nice. The reception was great as well but a ton of work! Our presidency met on Tuesday. We always have incredible meetings. I love working with these sisters and knowing that we are being guided by the Spirit in the decisions we are making. We talked about the book "Daughters in My Kingdom." Have you seen that used in Mexico? The General RS presidency has emphasized its use. I'm just curious. 

Hannah worked like crazy last week and is a little sick this week because of it. She can't wait to leave on our trip this Friday. Me too... I'm ready for a vacation.

Natalie enjoyed Youth Conference. It was tough getting her there! She went and actually had the most fun boating! She went tubing and wake boarding. I'm so glad she attended. I've never met a more stubborn person.

Jakob enjoyed Scout Camp. They fished, rode horses, and played in the water. He earned his Fly Fishing MB. He's stoked about it! He actually caught a fish on his first try. :) 

Interesting experience that I wanted to share from this weekend. We were outside the temple taking pictures after the sealing and saw a huge group of people further down on the grounds also taking pictures. The girls were dressed immodestly and we found out later that the church allows families celebrating Quincineras to take pictures on the grounds. The feelings I had as a watched them and their complete lack of understanding for the sacredness of what occurs in the temple made me really sad. We'd just watched the performance of the highest ordinance in the temple. It was so beautiful and so sacred and then to come out and see this group, it just made you wish that they too understood what the temple stands for. So Hermana Lutze keep at it! You're awesome and we love you so much!



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