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Rachael's Picture

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 65 (The Will of God)

Dear family and friends,

Wow, another week has already gone by!! I can't believe that I have been with Hna Pira for a month! It's crazy and I can't believe that I am almost down to my last 12 weeks!! The mission really does just fly by!

Let's see what I remember from this week.

I think I forgot to tell you that last Sunday we had our New Year's Party and it was awesome!! We went to the Maldonados house with the Liders de Zona and los Asistentes. We ate cabrita (goat), pierna, and loma and it was all so good!!  We also had the Zombie Hour when the Elderes decided they wanted to eat everything on the goat. They ate the tongue, brain, eyes, face, kidneys, liver, intestines, everything!!! Some of it was so gross ;). jajaja! It was a fun night! We also played Uno Extremo! I am going to have to teach it to you when I get home!

Monday was a great day as well. We had our New Year's sports activity. I still dominate at soccer!! So much fun! Afterwards we all went to eat pizza together and then in the night time we went to eat at a restaurant that has the best tacos al pastor with all the Hnas de Gomez!!! Great day!

Tuesday a miracle happened and we found an investigator that we had been looking for! He called out to us while we were passing by and  we talked to him and he begged us to keep teaching him and of course we said yes! I really hope this investigator progresses. He is such a good person with such great desires! Then we went to see dear Lety. She is also amazing! She is going to get baptized real soon. We just have to help her quit smoking! She learns so quickly and really loves the gospel!

Wednesday was also a great day! We went to visit our lovely investigator Ildenne! She is an "abuelita" that is so darling! She will be baptized soon!!  Next we visited with Juan Carlos and this time we found his wife as well. She was very, very closed off, but after we talked for awhile, she started to open up a little. It's amazing how the gospel and the Spirit have the power to soften the hardest hearts! We also went to visit Icela who is angry with God right now and we are trying to help her. We had a neat experience with the Spirit. It was now night time and normally we don't contact that much when it's that dark outside because (let's be honest) there are a lot of strange people that walk around here at night. However, we saw these two women coming towards us. We almost didn't contact them. However we felt the impression to contact them, so we did and they are de oro!! Investigadores de oro!! She is the Hna Alicia. Yay!! For that very reason we must always listen to the Spirit.

Thursday we had Planeamiento and then an awesome lesson with Pedro and his family. We got on the topic of the Second Coming of Christ - He is close and that we need to prepare. You should have seen their excitement, worry, and wonder in regards to preparing for His Second Coming.  We taught them the Gospel of Christ and they too are getting ready for baptism. Yay!!

Friday we had an incredible time in Consejo de Lideres. We had amazing presentations and the Spirit was so strong. At the end of the conference everyone was crying, even all the elders ;) Mission accomplished!

Saturday was another great day! We went to see all our investigators that we want to go to church with us. I think the most amazing part of the day was when we went to  visit Alicia. When we arrived we saw a shrine for her daughter that died in an accident. As we began to talk and share the gospel, I had the most amazing impression. I had the impression that her daughter was there with us in spirit and that she was listening and rejoicing to see that the gospel had found her family. She was rejoicing to finally have the opportunity to accept the gospel if her mother accepts the gospel. It reaffirmed to me that we really do have to talk with everyone because it is not only their salvation but also the salvation of all their ancestors!

Sunday was a good day!! We had 5 investigators that went to church! Lety, Tomas, Pedro, Ildenne and Yuli! In the nighttime, they called to tell me that I have cambios. So now I am again in Durango in Barrio Central. We will see how it goes here! I sure am going to miss Filadelfia.

Something that I have been thinking about this week is a problem that one of our investigators Icela has. She passed through some hardships and asked God for help, but what she asked for never came. The help never came and now she is angry with God. She asks us why He left her alone and why He let this happen? I think we all do that at times. I think we ask at times 'why'? But I have come to learn that we need to trust in the Lord. We have to understand that He doesn't do things to hurt us or tempt us. He only does things to help us grow in the direction He wants us to grow. This life is going to be filled with problems and trials. Some of them we bring upon ourselves with our incorrect decisions and lack of obedience to the commandments, some of them come from the temptations of Satan, and some trials come from God to see if we will be faithful to Him in all that we do and at all times. These things cut us down, but only so we can grow back stronger and more beautiful than we were before. I really like a Mormon Message that is called "The Will of God." It talks about His will for us and how we have to accept it. If we truly have faith in God we will not be angry with Him for our trials, but grateful that He has a plan for us and wants us to become more than we are today. We need to try to accept our trials, knowing that everything will work for our good and that God knows what He is doing.

So, I urge you all to face your trials with gratitude and happiness no matter how hard, to watch this video, and to always, always trust in the judgment of God.

Well, I love you all so much and hope you all have a beautiful week!!

Con Amor,

Hna Lutze

Here's the address to "The Will of God":   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rr8xvw0cgw0

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