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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Week 64

Querida Hermana Lutze,

It looks like you've had a great week of celebration with Flia Maldonado... He's posted lots of pictures. We spent the first part of the week in Colorado. We uploaded lots of old pictures and learned some family history. I'm amazed at how much has been done on the Lutze and Gutierrez lines. We enjoyed Fargos. We worked hard in the middle of the week and then went up to Heber to celebrate the new year. We went tubing yesterday with the Weights and Millers. Hope you got to see the picture I sent. We had some great food to celebrate movies and watched the neighbor's fireworks. We had an incredible lesson today in RS on the temple. I was reminded of some thoughts I've had on the temple. It's important to always have a current temple recommend. This is the oil in the lamps of the 10 Virgins. Those that had it were allowed to enter into the marriage ceremony. It is individual worthiness that gets a temple recommend for each of us. Last week I was desperately looking for some answers and knew I would find them in the temple.  What if I hadn't been worthy for a recommend? It's so important!  I'm so grateful for the peace perspective and power that comes from attending the temple.

Te amo!


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