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Rachael's Picture

Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 63 (Christmas means "Mas" Christ)

Dear family and friends,

Monday I already told you what we did this day, I think? 

Tuesday we had a normal day in the field.

Wednesday we spent all morning practicing for the choir. Then una Hermana came to do our make-up and hair and get us ready for the show! That night our choir performed in the plaza and considering that only about 10 of the 60 could sing, it actually went really well!  The crowd liked our singing, the tamales and the hot chocolate!  It was a great day!

Thursday was our activity with Presidente. Three zones of missionaries went to the ice skating rink and went ice skating. It was sooooo funny to see all the missionaries on ice trying not to fall. Many held onto the rail for dear life! Jajaja! After that we watched "Civil War" which was awesome!! Great movie!  At the end of the day we ate, took out a Piñata and performed in the talent show! Our talent was the best! 

Friday was the Posada de Barrio with carne asada and cebolla asadas. We brought our investigator Josefina and when she greeted Elder Larson she actually kissed his cheek!! But, I think you can get away with that if you are a grandma! :)

Saturday we had a wonderful comida with the Marquez Familia and then in the night time we went to the Maldonados house with the Elders for Christmas Eve dinner. We made tamales!! Yay! I was finding my inner Mexican!! They were soooo good! We also played a game of Uno Extreme!! So much fun! I won, of course, thanks to my mom who gave me the trait of winning at cards! 

Sunday I went to church and then I talked with my family!!! Yay!!!!

I hope that you all remembered Christ a little more this year. Remember that Christmas is "Mas Christ." "Mas" in Spanish means "more." We can enjoy the gifts but we can never forget the greatest gift that we have ever received or will ever receive. We have to always remember that without this gift we could never return to our Heavenly Father. We could never be clean. We could never forget our past and start over. We could never have our family forever. We could never heal or progress spiritually. Without Jesus Christ we are nothing. Without Him we could never become anything more. We would be stuck eternally where we are now and never have eternal happiness. We must remember him EVERY DAY, not only on Sundays and not only on Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to focus a little more on Christ this year!

I love you all!!

Hermana Lutze!

Hermana Lutze finding her "inner Mexican" by making Tamales on Christmas Eve

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