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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 61

Querida Hermana Lutze,

We hope you've had a fantastic week. I can't believe Christmas will be here in two weeks. Do you think you'll call us in the afternoon?

We've had another busy week as usual. I visited with Tricia and Suzy on Tuesday. It's been almost a year since the three of us have gotten together. They can't believe you'll be home in April. I know you'll work hard to the end. The last four to six months of my mission were the best! I attended the last few ward RS activities this week. We try to attend their Christmas dinner, cookie exchange... whatever they choose to do. It's always fun to visit with the sisters. Sister Crandall and I helped with the food for a Zone Conference on Wednesday. So much fun to be with the missionaries! They sang us their mission song and it made us cry! :) Dad and I went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert on Friday with the Crandalls. Rolando Villazon from Mexico City was the featured performer. We decided to stay in Salt Lake. We ate at PF Changs before the concert and then walked to and from our hotel to the Conference Center. It was a very nice evening. We attended the Ward Christmas Party last night. They did the Polar Express theme. Everyone could wear PJs if they wanted and we had breakfast for dinner. 

Hannah has started finals, Natalie is very busy with school and finished up Driver's Ed this week - road. She has to take the on-line test and then she will be ready to get her license in January. Yikes! Jakob is busy with school, indoor soccer, and basketball. He's playing with Ben again on a Rec team.

My thought for the week is around the scripture 2 Nephi 6:13, "Wherefore they that fight against Zion and the covenant people of the Lord shall lick up the dust of their feet; and the people of the Lord shall not be ashamed. For the people of the Lord are they who wait for him; for they still wait for the coming of the Messiah."

I've been pondering what it means to wait for him... What do we do while we wait? If we are truly His people then we will wait for him. I think this ties perfectly into the Parable of the Ten Virgins. This is why we cannot share our oil. The oil is our testimony that is built drop by drop with the fundamental practices of scripture study, prayer, church and temple attendance, etc. We are building our testimony while we wait! This thought of waiting also ties in with the story found in Mark 6 in which the Lord came to the disciples on the water in the 4th watch and he found them   "toiling in rowing." Will we still be found working hard in the 4th watch or will we have given up or slackened off?

Have a great week!



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