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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week 62

Querida Hermana Lutze,

We pray daily for your success that you will learn what you need to and touch the lives of those you've been sent to influence. :)

Life here is the usual busy... We did take the kids out on 'dates' Friday night. Dad took Jakob to see the new movie "Rogue One" and then out to eat at Costa Vida while I took Hannah and Natalie out to Zupas and then to see "Sully." We all had a good time.

Hannah finished finals and has been working a little more while Natalie and Jakob are finishing up items at school and continue with their other activities. We attended Natalie's guitar recital on Saturday. She did a great job. They all did. I reorganized the food storage later that day... Yippee! I was missing you-my greater helper and organizer. Natalie stayed as far away as possible. Dad and Jakob did help some. (Hannah's off the hook. She was at work.)

We're looking forward to speaking with you next week. Do you know a time yet?

My thought for the week revolves around miracles. What miracles have you seen on your mission and in your life? I think that's an excellent question to focus on this week prior to the celebration on Sunday of the greatest miracle of all-our Savior. In the Bible Dictionary we read, "Miracles should not be regarded as deviations from the ordinary course of nature so much as manifestations of divine or spiritual power. Some lower law was in each case superseded by the action of a higher. Miracles were and are a response to faith and its best encouragement. They were never wrought without prayer, felt need, and faith." Think of a recent miracle you witnessed and I'm sure you will see that prayer, a felt need, and faith were involved. A few thoughts to ponder this week... Do I limit God's ability to work in my life? I should expect miracles. I should expect His help because His will for us is always good! This is where obedience plays a role. We must be obedient so we can get close enough to Him to recognize and receive that miracle. Our work is to pray in faith and believe in Him. The belief we need to have is that His will is always good for us! In the Miracle of the Feeding of the 5000 we see that we must bring what we have and it will be made enough through the Savior. He will make it more. Gratitude is also an important part of a miracle. We must thank God always when we see His hand in our lives. Are you not willing to do more for someone that has thanked you versus the person that never says those words to you? I'm certain He feels the same way.

I love you! Merry Christmas!



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