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Rachael's Picture

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 60 (Suffer Long, Seek Not Your Own, and Bear All Things)

Dear family and friends,

It was a great week this week as usual!

So Monday, as I already told you we went Black Friday shopping at Cuidado con el Perro and I found some great stuff! Everything is so cheap here. I love it!!

Tuesday was our activity with the members entitled "Finding the Chosen Ones" and sadly no one came. However, it's okay because we went to work and found some pretty good investigators that I think will progress with some work :)

Wednesday was a normal day. Really what more can I say :)

Thursday I went for an adventure to immigration 2 months AFTER my visa expired ;) The rest of the day was good. I ate A LOT of food, but I mean A LOT. It's a miracle I'm not engordando here!!

Friday was Consejo de Lideres and it was amazing as usual!! Presidente gave his great presentation. Then we had a gift exchange!! I received Minion Figurines from Elder Huber and I gave a tie and socks to an Elder Arteaga. It was so much fun!!  Then we ate Carne Asada!! Sooooo good! The cake and everything was soooo delicious. 

Saturday we visited the ten people that we wanted to attend church. It was a great day because the young women accompanied us all day!! Yay! Go young women! 

Sunday we had 5 people attend church with us! Yay! That is actually very good! Soon we are going to baptize Josefina, and then Thomas and we hope for one more in December and we have another date for January. Yay! 

Today I went to the Pista de Hielo!! It's free and open on Lunes!! Yay!! We went ice skating with the Hermanas and it was blast! We also went to look for our gifts for the gift exchange on Martes with the Zone.  I had the strangest experience. Today a man got all up in my face and said "Guerrita como apestoso queso!!" and he left. jajajajjajajajaj! He just said "White girl who is like stinky cheese!!" jajajajajaj! I'm sure he meant it as an insult but I was there with Hna Holman and explained what he said and we just DIED of laughter!!!! It was such a strange thing to say! I think he doesn't like Trump too much. 

Well, all in all a good week! This week I learned more about Charity. In Moroni 7:45 we read, "And charity suffereth long... seeketh not her own... beareth all things..." It does not mean we must suffer everything (experience it) to have charity. It means that we must sacrifice ourselves for the other person. If we truly love someone we are going to be willing to sacrifice what we want, sacrifice our time, everything for that person to have success - to grow, to be better. So this week, I have been trying to sacrifice myself more for the people around me - for the missionaries and for my companion. And I have to say it is hard but it is working! I invite you to try it - sacrifice yourselves. Because he who loses his life in the service of God and others will obtain his life in the life to come. And he won't obtain the same life. He will obtain a life that God has prepared for him - a perfect life of happiness, blessings and peace. 

I love you all so much!! But I've gots to go!!!


Hermana Lutze

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