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Rachael's Picture

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 61 (Are You Still in Awe of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?)

Dear family and friends,

Ahhhhhhh time is going faster I swear!! Wasn't it just yesterday that I emailed you all? I don't even remember what day it is or the date.....nada! Let's see what I can remember from my week.

Monday, I already told you about our adventures in Centro.

Tuesday We had a Zone Conference and it was sooooo good! We talked about charity and being true disciples of Christ. It went so long! We were there from 10 until 5! But it's because everyone had such good comments! (Even the Elderes were crying ;) Mission Accomplished :) And then we went to our comida (which was now dinner). 

Wednesday was another great normal day! 

Thursday Planeamiento de Exito, We taught our investigators and we went to our awesome Coorelacion Misional where we had pancakes with Nutella and Jam de Fresa! Yum!

Friday (no me diga) Well,  the asistants and the zone liders called and told us that everyone had to go to the mission offices to be vaccinated for the Flu. (****cough****) because some people haven't been obedient and haven't received the vaccine. So we went to the Offices and waited to be vaccinated. When our turn arrived we entered the room looking for the doctor or nurse and who did we find..............Presidente Ramos injecting all the missionaries one by one!! jajajajajaja! We asked him where he learned to inject and he told us "In the University with Rats"!!! That did not make me feel better! Jajaja but we received the vacuna and now I am protected. Yay! 

Saturday we went to visit those who we wanted to attend church. We will see how many go on Sunday because we didn't find some of them.

Sunday only 2 investigators went to church. One was Josefina!! Yay!! She is so linda!! And the other was Alejandro. It was his first time and I think he liked it!! Then, in the night time, we had our District meeting (because Monday is Day of the Virgin Guadalupe so we can't be outside too long and especially not at night) and we had the good-bye party with Hna Jimenez (my companion) and Elder Caixba! It was a great party! We made our own scriptures for them and we gave them "new companions" (stuffed animals) and we ate cake! Yay Sunday!

Sorry I don't remember much of what happened this week.  Our time was limited in our area for many reasons. But it was a good week and I know that this week will be even better!! 

Something I really liked in the Zone Conference was our discussion about Elder Uchtdorf's talk on how we need to keep feeling. We need to keep being amazed at the Gospel and not take it for granted. I think that sometimes, as members, we take the gospel, the light we have, the blessings for granted. However, we can't permit this casual attitude to enter into our hearts, our minds and our lives. We can't take these things for granted. We must always be grateful  and in awe of what we have right in front of us. We have a knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ unlike any other religion. We have a relationship that can be more personal than in any other place. We have a prophet that guides and leads us - helping us stay on the path and protect our families. We have temples where we can receive all the blessings of  eternity and literally return with our families to our Heavenly Father to enjoy everlasting peace and happiness. We are literally children of God and can become like Him, having the same happiness, the same power, the same blessings. We have what we need in this life to be successful, to be happy to receive all the blessings of our Heavenly Father but if we take it for granted we will lose the opportunity to have joy in those blessings and to eventually receive a fullness of joy! We have to keep feeling. We have to keep being amazed at the great glory and mercy and love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us. If you feel tired or bored of the Gospel, if you feel like it is an everyday thing, I invite you to  try and see the marvelous things that God has given you and the marvelous sacrifices that He has made for you. Look for His hand in your life. 

I invite you all to write 5 blessings down every day and I promise you that the joy you  felt in the past because of the Gospel will return. And if the joy never left, it will only increase. I love you all! I know this church is true, I know God lives and I know that He does perform miracles for us in our lives. We just have to open our eyes. ​

Here is the video we watched. It's in Spanish so if you understand great! If not,.....well still watch it and you will feel the spirit. :)

Hna. Lutze's companion Hna. Jimenez returned home after serving an honorable mission. Hna. Lutze's new companion is Hna. Pira.

Love you all!


Hermana Lutze

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