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Rachael's Picture

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 62 (Herding Cats!)

Dear family and friends,

Monday was crazy!! Basically every missionary in the mission had Cambios because 14 Elders and 2 Hermanas arrived! I also got my new companion! She is Hermana Pira! She is from Columbia and she is genial! She is so much fun and laughs a lot which I love! On another note, Hermana Jimenez had the celular today. And que creen! We got in a taxi at the Central Camionera (because we went to go pick up Hermana Santiesteban) and the taxi driver was trying to cheat us out of our money, but we refused to be cheated so he was angry with us. Then when Hna Jimenez got out, she forgot the phone in the taxi! Ah! So we went to look for it. We found the man, found the taxi, but not the phone. :( So we were six hermanas - Hna Jimenez, Hna Mejia, Hna Santiesteban, Hna Lopez, Hna Lutze and Hna Pira without a phone which made everything exciting! ;) We also went to our first practice of the Missionary Christmas Choir. We will be singing Wednesday in the Plaza Mayor! It's going to turn out so good!! I'm excited! Later that night the six of us had a blast together because almost all of them were my companions at one point and I love them so much! It made me so sad to think they were going, but it's okay, because I know that they have marvelous adventures ahead of them!  

Tuesday morning we went to the office to help the Asistentes plan how the choir is going to sing all the songs and hymns on Wednesday, December 21st. They thought that we were just going to sing it....Hahaha! But, very quickly they saw that was boring, so they brought in the best music people and we started planning. I think it will turn out pretty good, but it will be hard considering we only have one week to practice!!!?? The rest of the day was normal and that night we went to the Despedida meal de Hna Jimenez. We ate carne asada with espagueti verde and agua de jamaica! !Que rico!

Wednesday was a normal day. I never remember what happens on Miercoles;)

Thursday we practiced our songs again in the morning and they are coming along, little by little. We had a little time to visit and then we went to Coorelacion Misional which is always great especially with a little pan and te de canela!

Friday was a great day! We were able to visit lots of people, find a whole bunch of new investigators and we also attended Sociedad de Socorro! We did facials! It was so fun to be there with all the hermanas! 

Saturday, que creen, we practiced again! Poco a poco the missionaries are learning the songs. But sometimes, as dad says, it's like herding cats and with 60 missionaries it is like herding 60 wild cats. ;) That evening we found lots of great new people to teach. Now we just need to give them all seguimiento - mucho seguimiento. A funny story - we went to visit our investigator Tomas and Hna Isabel was with us. He asked if we wanted refresco and my companion said yes so he brought the refresco and guess what? It was Coca! The very drink that we can't drink in the mission! So guess who got to drink our coke!? Ding ding ding!!! Hna Isabel!!! Jajajaj! It was so funny because we were pouring all our drink into her cup and  telling her to drink faster!!! 

Domingo, well we had four investigators in church!! Yay!! We are still working with Josefina and Tomas and Hna Lety to be baptized!! We are hoping they will be baptized very soon!!! And, after church, guess what....we went to practice our songs again!! 

Monday we are buying our stuff for the choir performance on Wednesday and in the evening we are going to practice again! Yippee!!

I have been thinking and learning a lot about pride from myself and from other people. I have come to realize many times in the mission that I have pride in different forms. I am learning and understanding more completely that pride is our natural man and I can now truly say and testify that we need to get rid of our natural man or woman if we want to be truly happy in this life. We need to learn to be humble. We have to be more preoccupied about WHAT is right and not WHO. We need to understand that we are not going to be the best at everything and that we can't compare ourselves to others. Salvation is individual. We have to be more preoccupied about what we are doing and how we are improving and progressing. We must be more concerned about doing the will of the Father than the will of our family, friends and acquaintances. The only way that we can be truly humble and get rid of our natural man is to submit our will completely to our Heavenly Father. That doesn't mean we give Him the wheel and say drive my life. It means that we are going to search for what God wants of us and we are going to try to do and be what He wants. We are going to always be anxiously engaged in a good cause and have no desire to do evil only to do good. The only way to kill the natural man is to replace it with something else - something better. Change is the only way to become what the Lord wants of us and I know that sometimes this change is hard but I also know that it is worth it. Change helps us become the Gods and Goddesses that God wants us to be - giving us everlasting happiness and everlasting dominion over all things. But, it starts with each of us stripping ourselves of our pride and submitting to the will of the Father. 

Well, that is my spiritual food for thought. 

I love you all so much!!!


Hermana Lutze

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