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Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 47 (LOVE is Spelled TIME)

Dear family and friends,

Time just flies here. You don't even realize it!

Lunes 29 de Agosto: Today we went to Centro again with members and ate at an Asian Buffet! Oh so good! However, I still miss Chinese food at home. Dad, we have to go to the Chinese buffet again when I get back! Mi antojo! Then we searched for things in Centro.

We had Stake Conference over the weekend. We didn't go Saturday night but we did go Sunday. It was a great conference! One of the Seventy spoke and gave an excellent talk about the family and matrimonio (marriage). At the end I will tell you what he said. 

Next Monday: Today I went with some members to visit Parque Guadiana. It is a very big and beautiful park. I liked it a lot. We took tons of pictures! After the park, we went to Wings Army. It is basically the same as Buffalo Wild Wings, but without the crazy hot wings competition. It was really good! :)

The rest of the week has been normal. We are working hard to put Baptismal dates to our investigators. We put two this week and after church we still had one. It is our Testigo de Jehovah! He has a date for Octubre! I sure hope he gets baptized. It has been one of my goals to baptize a Testigo. We also learned why Durango is so Catholic. First, it is one of the initial settlements of the Spaniards when they came to Las Americas and forced the Catholic religion on the indigenous people. Second, there is a hill in our area that is called Cerro de Guadalupe and apparently on this hill is where Victoria Guadalupe saw la Virgen and therefore she became the Virgen Guadalupe. There is a very very strong Catholic culture here. It makes it hard for us to help them leave their traditions. But it has been a good week. Sorry, I don't remember more of the details, but I didn't have access to my agenda all week so I didn't take notes. Life has been good with Hna Reyes and the Family Montoya. I love this family so much! 

Monday: Well I had a surprise! I was moved to Torreon (my first time in Torreon). I am in El Barrio Hacienda. And apparently I will be training someone new in this area. I have literally 2 weeks to learn this new area!! Ah!! But it will all be fine. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about marriage and el sacerdocio (the priesthood) because of what la Setenta (Seventy) talked about. He spoke about how marriage has to be equal. In marriage we have to be happy by making the other person happy. If we are concerned about their happiness we will make ourselves happy. We must strive to be the kind of person that we want. I can't expect my husband to be spiritual if I am not spiritual or to exercise if I don't exercise. We have to better ourselves and then we will be more prepared to find the person that is willing to progress along with us. We also have an investigator with lots of marriage problems. I am learning so much from him as well. I've learned that marriage has to always be novios. (We should continue to date when married.) Matrimonios (marriages) need their space and time. Love is spelled TIME. Maybe it doesn't matter what you do together but it does matter that you have time for one another and that your time builds your relationship and confidence in one another. I have learned so much of what a marriage should and should not have here in the mission. I realized this week what a truly great blessing the priesthood is in a family and how essential it is that there is a worthy priesthood holder to bless and protect the home. I invite all to better and strengthen their relationship with their wife or husband. To the men, I invite you to always, always be ready and worthy to use your priesthood authority. It will always be needed.

I love you all!


Hermana Lutze

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