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Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 49 (The Refiner's Fire)

Hola family!

Well it has been another crazy week!! It is blazing hot here in the desert. Who would have thought that, right? However, una Hermana told us that it is just the refiner's fire to help us get really good blessings and husbands in the future. The hotter the fire the better! ;) I hope she's right. Well, let's see what happened this week:

Monday we had an Actividad de Zona! Yay, however, it wasn't very well organized, so it wasn't as fun as it should have been. We played hockey again and my team won so that is all that counts ;) Then we only got to watch 30 minutes of the Jungle Book (The new one that I didn't know about because I live in the mission bubble.) It looked so good and it was torture that I didn't get to finish it. So, I will have to wait another 7 months to finish it. Then we went to our house and found out that Hna. Maldonado forgot the keys in the church!! We tried in vain to break into our own house. ;) We finally just went to the internet to write and then went shamefully to our Reunion de Distrito without our scriptures and notebooks. What a missionary nightmare ;) but the good news is that we found the keys.

Tuesday we had capacitacion con Presidente. It was great as usual. We also found 5 poor abandoned puppies. Someone in the nighttime threw them over the fence, so that we would take them into our homes and love them. Well their tactic worked because before the week was over there was not one puppy left. They were so cute but so traumatized. So sad.  The rest of the day was normal.

Wednesday la verdad no me recuerdo bien.

Thursday we had to come home early because it was the day of El Grito. This is their way of celebrating their Independence Day. It involves a lot of shooting pistols into the air and for that reason we were not in the street, so that we didn't accidentally die like the invisible man from the three amigos. ;)

Friday I woke up and I was sick, very very sick. I couldn't even get out of bed sick.

Saturday was better. They left me with a member so my companions could go visit. I basically slept all day.

Sunday was even better until the evening when we received the dreaded call for our CAMBIOS. Well Hna Fuentes went to another area in Torreon, Hna Maldonado is going to train a newbie in Hacienda and  I............to my great astonishment and surprise was told that I was to go to Filadelfia to be Hermana Lider!? What!? All the world told me I was going to train a new missionary and to hear this news, Hna Maldonado and I were so shocked! We were so shocked we didn't even know what to do!? So here I am in another new area in Gomez Palacios thinking what in the world am I going to do as Hermana Lider? Lots of pressure, lots of responsibility. But I believe it will be a great experience! :)

Well this week I have really learned that we need to pass through our experiences and hardships in life without murmuring. If we are obedient to the Lord and do what He asks, everything will be okay and hardships are not a punishment. In fact, it just means God knows your ready for the next level and wants to make you great and powerful. However, if we are not obeying the commandments of God, we very well could be receiving those hardships for our lack of obedience. I have learned that complaining doesn't make it any better! You can only be patient and positive and trust in the Lord. Animo! Sometimes I ask why did God send me to the desert. He knows how I hate the heat or why this or why that. But then una hermana said something profound (which I mentioned earlier) that these afflictions are only the refiner's fire and will bring the greatest treasures you could ever imagine. All these things that we pass through, if we will only bear them well, or resist the refiner's flame, we can reveal the great treasures waiting for us beneath. If we don't resist, if we don't wait out our trials, then we will be cast off as the chaff, as the part of the impure metal that the Lord doesn't want.  We have to hold out to the end and always keep our baptismal covenants if we want to uncover the precious future that the Lord has in store for us. So now I try to thank Him for the heat, thank Him for all the sweating, thank Him for the 90 degrees at night that makes it hard to sleep,  thank Him that I have this opportunity to stand side by side with the Savior-a small moment in time to suffer these small afflictions and to be refined into a better, purer more worthy servant of the Lord. I invite you all to look up the video called "Missionary Work and the Atonement."


It's beautiful and really tells us why we should keep going a pesar que todo lo que pasa en la vida. I invite you to all walk faithfully through the refiner's fire so you can take out the bad, keep the good and find more good. This life is about progress and it is a process. So look at your life and start refining.

Well, Love you all! Have a great week!

Con Amor,

Hermana Lutze

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