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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 50

Querida Hermana  Lutze,

Life has been the usual crazy this week. I worked 40+ hours due to two conferences. The one was held at Thanksgiving Point. I thought of you as I passed the Museum of Natural Curiosity. :) The other conference was a trauma conference held in Park City. You dad came up and we spent Friday night in Park City. We ate dinner at the Loco Lizard with some of my co-workers and their spouses. I've been busy with church meetings-Presidency meeting and then helping with the food for the General Women's Meeting Saturday evening. I hope you were able to listen. Sister Oscarson and President Uchtdorf gave amazing talks! I know I'll refer to his talk on faith for years to come. 

Hannah is working hard in school. Joshua's farewell was today. She came over for that and I think some of her roommates are coming over for Conference weekend. Her friend Natalie's farewell was today as well. Natalie and Jakob are busy with school and other activities. Jakob's team continues to win. They have three games left. Two this week and one the following Saturday while Dad and I are in Cedar City. As of right now Rose is coming to stay with them. We shall see.

I enjoyed my religion class on Thursday. We talked about Matthew 14:24-33. Truly the Lord is a 4th watch God-meaning sometimes He expects us to walk in faith and may not help us until the 4th watch. But He will help us. He invites us to come to Him. He's always there waiting for us to come but we must act. When we act we show our conversion! We know something, we feel something and then we do something about it! This in turn increases our testimony! Truly Jesus Christ is a God of mercy! When Christ said to Peter "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" He was not rebuking Peter. He was asking Peter to tell him about his fears! When we take our fears to the Lord it is then that He can help us. It is then that we recognize our dependence on Him and His Atonement. Through the Atonement we are cleansed, we are healed, we are restored, we are identified, we are strengthened, and we are ultimately transformed.

I love you!

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