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Rachael's Picture

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 73 (Let Christ be your Architect!)

Querida familia y amigos,

Well another great week in the mission! There is no where better than the mission! However, I can feel the end nearing. And it doesn't help that my sister now has a countdown and is informing me of every day and minute that I have left in the mission! ;).

Well, Monday was good. I got to go to Centro with my companion and buy cool things from Mexico ;). I must reach my 50 pound limit ;)

We are continuing to find many new investigators and we are working hard in finding the chosen ones and putting baptismal dates with various people. Our goal each week is to have more people in church and I think it is going well! Sunday we had 9 people in church and they all have potential to be baptized!! We are still working with Julio and his family and Sunday they ALL went to church!! I hope that this family can all be baptized together! I love the gospel and the power that it has to change the lives of everyone and free them from the grasp of Satan! Sorry this is so short but this is basically what happened this week :)

Yesterday in Relief Society the Hermana gave a really good lesson about allowing Christ be the architect in your life. It was interesting because if you take a look at the work of an architect you start to realize that there are many details they have to remember - to put in the gas, water, lighting, rooms, doors, bathrooms, etc. There is a lot to plan! If we only  rely on our own knowledge to plan our lives, we are going to end up with a really crazy life.  Just like we would end up building a really strange home if we designed our own home without the help of an architect. That is why we must rely on Christ and let him be the architect of our lives and our happily ever after because He will plan it perfectly. However, we have to be willing to ask Him to tell us what we need to change and better in our lives, so that we can become the masterpiece that He has in mind. We have to understand that it will require cutting, soldering, hammering, etc. It will require lots of work and  change. However,  in the end we will see the great temple that He has built for us. In this life we are building our mansion in the Kingdom of our Father. If we want Christ to prepare a place for us and build our mansion, we have to be willing to do all that He asks us to do and change and be because He is the master architect. He knows what he is doing. I invite you all to kneel down and ask God this night what it is that He would have you change or do in your lives. Ask that He give you a vision of what He wants you to be and start to make these changes.  Ask and you shall receive. Don't fear to ask. Just be ready to do and become!

I love you all! Let Christ be your architect!


Hermana Lutze

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