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Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 52 (Do You Trust the Lord Completely?)

Dear family and friends,

Well, well, here we meet again. The weeks are so strange because every day feels like four days (morning, before la comida, after la comida, home in casa) but every week feels like just one day that just flew by!! I'm pretty sure that my time is now speeding up!  So crazy that I almost have a year now!

Well, let's see what happened in my week...

Monday It was our awesome Actividad de Zona! Hna Jimenez and I were in charge of the activity and the Elders of the movie. (They decided who got what, of course!) However, our activity turned out awesome! We ate breakfast and then divided them into teams. Their first task was to go on a wild treasure hunt (goose chase) which then led them behind the church. There they found a bunch of minute-to-win-it games. First, they had a competition to see who ate the watermelon without hands the fastest. The team participant who won first went to the next game. And the teams that lost had to do it again. The next game was "pescar las  llaves" which is incredibly hard and hilarious! They had to fish the keys. The next game they had to sort skittles into the correct cups in less than a minute (harder than you think). Then they had to run off to the zapatazo. They had to kick their shoe onto a table (also harder than you think). Next, they had a bowl of cotton and with vaseline on their nose they had to move all the cotton to the other bowl. It was hilarious!! And the last challenge was to look for their strip of paper in a bowl of flour with their face. They then had to run and find the playera of that person's name. So much fun! I feel a little evil ;) Like an evil mastermind. But the point is that my team won ;). After that we played basketball and soccer and then watched the Croods. No me diga. That movie is about mil veces funnier in the mission and with the missionaries!!! We were dying of laughter!! That was our awesome activity. 

Tuesday I had my first Intercambios in my area (despues de 2 semanas) and it actually went surprisingly well considering that I don't know my area. We walked a little lost, but not too lost. and besides when you are walking lost it is the time when you can always find the best people right!?............Although, I found someone a little too good. We talked to a  group of people sitting in front of their store and one of them began to talk to me in English and started to ask me if......I wanted to marry him.......uh........uh......uh........NO! No me diga! I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't know if he was speaking English or Spanish or if I was understanding correctly!? Just when I started to think that nobody would ask that question for a long time, that the first time someone would ask me that would actually be the person that I did want to marry. He stole my "first time to be asked to get married" moment in life ;). It really surprised me and he really insisted, so I invited him to go to church with us. If he arrives, well, then we can teach him the gospel, so he can find his real true love ;). Life of "la guerra."

Wednesday Well another great day of work. My companion returned with me and then we got to work! It was great because we found new investigators in one day! (That is rare here!) So it was an awesome day. 

Jueves They told us out of no where that we have to get the inventarios to them Lunes!!!????? Ma!!!!???? So we had to run off to Los Ranchitos. We went to Bermejillo and Cuauhtemoc to do their inventarios. They live about an hour away which meant one hour in a taxi with no air conditioning. It was a marvelous ride! But it was fun to see more of Gomez Palacio. Then we returned to our area to eat around 330 or 4 (We were in Los Ranchos for about 6 hours!) Then we had to prepare a video for the zone and that was pretty much our day. 

Friday was my first Consejo de Lideres and it was AMAZING! The zone conferences are even better when you recieve them directly from Presidente. I felt like I learned so much! Now I just hope I can help the missionaries learn a lot as well. Afterwards we ate lunch/linner. It was sopes bien bien ricas with a salsa tan tan tan tan rica!! with a dessert of Chocoflan tan tan tan rica! I have a lot of learning to do when I get home. And that was the awesome day with the Hermanas Lideres and Lideres de Zona de Torreon y Gomez Palacio.

Saturday was a normal day. But we found some great nuevos and we had a great member to accompany us. 

Then in the night time we had our baptism!!! Woo hoo!! We baptized a boy of 10 years whose name is Irving. and let's just say that this was the strangest baptism I have EVER been to in my entire life. He was a little TOO excited to get in the water. So excited that he jumped in and started to swim!!! Que oso!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!! They baptized him but he was still being wild! So we had to talk to him about the importance and sacred nature of this ordinance and we had to baptize him again. It's a miracle my nerves survived that day ;) But the point is that he got baptized.....Woo hoo! 

Sunday was a normal day. I always love going to church. However, the proselyting after church is always terrible because everyone is going to their church or they are partying or they are drunk or on drugs or they just straight up don't want to talk to you. So ya, Domingos are rough, but they pass quickly.

Well that was my week and it was quite the week to say the least. 

This week I have been thinking a lot about the Second Coming of Christ, probably because I just arrived in Matthew 24 which is all about the end of the world. I have come to realize that we are really going to have to be firm in the faith and in the testimony of Jesus Christ like so many said in Conference. We are going to have to be stronger, more filled with the spirit, and more obedient than ever in our lives. We have to be prepared for this day and the day of preparation is HOY. We have to know Christ as if He lived in our very home or was part of our own family. We have to know Him and learn to truly trust in Him 100%. I often think of the "Trust Game" where you have to fall back straight as a board. There are 3 types of people. The people that won't fall back, the people that start to fall back and then get scared and take a step back to catch themselves and the people that fall back, completely trusting. We have to find out which of these three we are. Do we not trust at all, trust a little, but only what we can see or do we trust COMPLETELY in the Lord? And I know that for what is coming we need to learn to trust completely in the Lord. We have to know Him, trust Him, and follow Him. If we don't, the day will come when the world is in chaos and our trials are bigger than we ever imagined and if in this moment we don't trust in the Lord, we will not be counted among the noble and great ones. We will not be counted among the elect. This is why we are always teaching of the small and simple things that we must be doing. A relationship grows through small and simple things. Our friendships grow because we spend time and talk with that person and have great experiences with that person. Our matrimony grows because we give them attention, we show them our love, we serve them. It is the same with the Lord. If we want a good relationship, we must serve Him, we must give Him time and respect. We have to talk to him often, We have to love Him and have spiritual experiences with Him.  

This is my invitation to you all this week. Analyze your relationship status with Jesus Christ and your Heavenly Father and find ways to improve it, to make it stronger, so you can be prepared for what lies ahead.

I love you all!! 


Hermana Lutze

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