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Mexico Torreon Mission October 2015 - April 2017

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Rachael's Picture

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Week 53

Querida Hermana Lutze,

NO PUEDO CREERLO! Has alcanzado un ano! It's gone by so quickly for me... I can't believe you'll be home in six months. I'm sure you feel like you just want time to slow down and it keeps speeding up. I know that's how I felt as my mission came closer to its end. I remember crying when I had to remove my missionary badge!

Life here is crazy as usual. We spent a ton of time in the yard this week... pruning, cleaning, mowing twice to cut the grass shorter, and cleaning up the divots after they aerated. Work is always busy... The kids have fall break this weekend. I hope to spend some time up at Papa's. I think Marissa and Hannah are coming out to the house as well so we'll spend some time with them. I enjoyed the temple on Thursday while Natalie was volunteering. I love the promises made to us in the initiatory. BYU won their game on Friday in double OT 28 - 21. Such an exciting game and yes Hannah didn't have a voice at the end.

Hannah's busy with school and stressing over her grades. I just keep trying to build her confidence. She did go on a blind group date on Saturday and had a blast. I'm so happy for her. I'm sure she'll share the details with you.

Natalie is happy to have a phone now. She's finishing up the Book of Mormon and her Personal Progress will be complete. Hallelujah! She just finished driver's ed and can't wait to get her license. 

Jakob is taking a break for a couple of weeks from soccer. They will move up to Group A play this next year. They only have Premiere D1 and D2 above them. I hope they move up to D2 after spring. We shall see. 

Three things from my week...

First I'm always amazed at how the Lord works. He knows the big picture and we sometimes forget that! We get caught up in details that aren't so important. So I learned from Sister Miller that Kim Butterfield had surgery recently so I felt I should take something to her. I was going to do it right after my next two errands but felt prompted to go now. I thought OK he knows she's home... She wasn't there and so I left what I'd brought on the doorstep with a note. Mmm? Why did I have that prompting? Fifteen minutes later I was in Smith's and happened to run into Carolina and her mom Viviana that I visit teach. They've been extremely hard to find and I knew the Lord had adjusted my schedule so that we could meet in the store. The Lord knows the big picture.

President Skousen gave an awesome talk today in relation to the Good Samaritan and loving those around us - less active, same gender attraction, singles, and early returned missionaries. It really should be published. It was that good! I'd never thought of the Parable of the Good Samaritan as Christ and we are the innkeeper. He turns the injured, the sick, etc to us the innkeepers to care for. If you haven't thought of it in this way take a moment to reread it thinking of Him as the Good Samaritan and you as the Innkeeper.

Lastly, Elder Jaden Howell wrote this week and related what Elder Bednar had taught to them in their Tuesday devotional. Elder Bednar said he takes notes on Conference on one sheet of paper. (What?!) For each talk he writes three things... the doctrine, the invitation, and the blessings promised. My invitation to you this week is to do this with one of the recent talks. We did this for FHE tonight and it works so well!!!

Te amo muchisimo!


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