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Rachael's Picture

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 53 (Do I Lead with Love?)

Dear family and friends,

Another week has flown by and I'm sure these 6 months remaining will fly by as well! There is so much to do, learn. and change. I just hope I have enough time to do it all!

My week was pretty good. 

Monday Today was fabulous!! We went to eat with Presidente and Hermana Ramos in their house (muy nice).  It was quite the adventure because Hna Jimenez and I had to find buses that would take us to Torreon and then from Torreon to Hacienda where we were going to meet up with Hna Moronta, Hna Vazquez and Hna Ramos. It was a miracle that we arrived! But, we got to the meeting point unscathed ;) Then Hna Ramos took us to the office. And that is where I met up with my two old companions from Estacion (they are now companions) and let's just say Hna Reyes almost killed me from  her excitement of seeing me. ;) Luckily I have strong bones and a soccer stance at all times ;). Then we all went to the Mission home. There we ate some delicious Mole. Mole from the DF and pollo encacahuatado (basically mole but with peanut butter). They were both delicious! After that we took some great pictures on the playground and by the famous "river" Nazas. (It is more of a dry dirt river than a water river.) That was basically P-day :)

Tuesday We had our Capacitacion de Zona which was awesome! But really, really long (6/7 hours). And at the end I went with Hna Santiesteban (Yay!) to Cuauhtemoc (ranchito) in an intercambio. We had so much fun! And in the night time we went to the Ferria where the ward had a booth set up that was so cute! You could take your picture in a frame that said "Families are Eternal" and other frames and then they print the picture right there and then! It was so cute! We got a lot of referencias! So much fun! Then we went home and "slept". No, I couldn't sleep I wanted to talk to one of my best friends in the mission! It was so good to spend time with her!

Wednesday It was a normal day to say the least. And that is all I remember :)

Thursday In the morning we made surprise visits to the Hermanas to do their inventarios. Wow! It was surprising to see their houses when it is not an intercambio with one of us. Some of them were still very clean and organized. Some of them were a disaster. So we helped them do a bit of cleaning this morning ;) I realized in that moment that how my house is here in the mission is how my house is going to be in the future. So all you missionaries I hope you practice keeping your houses clean. 

Friday The day I left my home one year ago!? Wow!!! I cant believe it!! I now have a year in the mission!!! Crazy! It doesn't feel like a year of my life has passed away!? But the date says that it has passed! Now only 6 months to go!! Woo hoo!! Today was a good day. It was really hot but we found some good people to teach. I hope that some baptisms will be coming soon.

Saturday We did our last inventario!! Woo hoo! They take forever and we have to go so far to their house to do them. We have easily spent over 500 pesos in transportation just doing these inventarios. However, they are now done and we just have to submit them. This day was actually funny because a couple miracles happened. We hopped on a bus to go back to our area and we decided to go on an adventure and see if this bus could actually take us to our area. So we kept going and going and going and then it passed by the very end of our area! Yes! So we hopped off and started walking and then a member with a taxi gave us a lift to our comida and the comida was the healthiest comida that I have eaten in a while! It is the little things that make life great! ;)  The rest of the day was great as well. We talked to some very confused people that don't want anything to do with the gospel. We talked to people that only want to fight with us over doctrine. I have to say I'm very good at winning the battles in Spanish ;). Then in the night we went to help the Elderes with their baptism because their was no water. You kinda need water to baptize someone. We ended up going to another capilla but it all turned out well. 

Sunday  We went to church, ate yummy food and went to go teach those who would accept to listen on a Sunday afternoon (the weekends are always the hardest with so many fiestas and everyone is drinking.....a lot).

This week I have been thinking about being a leader and all that it requires. Something I liked a lot about the Capacitacion with Presidente is that he said we have to be leaders that are loved and not feared, respected and not scorned. We have to learn to be leaders so that one day we can be leaders in our home. I think that is so true. In life we have to be respected because we are loved and not because we are feared. Love gains the respect and loyalty that lasts forever. It's the type of respect our children have for us. And as leaders we always have to lead with righteousness and sometimes make the hard decisions. At times we may be hated and people may say mean things or gossip, but in the end they will be grateful that we decided to lead in that way. I also really like a scripture I was reading the other day. In English it basically says that the proud will be humbled and the humble will be lifted up and blessed. If we want to rise, if we want to be better, if we want to be of more use in the hands of God, we have to be humble. We cannot seek after position in the kingdom of God. It is not the Game of Thrones here. We are here to serve. Let him that is greatest among you be your servant. We can't seek to be president or bishop or any other calling. We must learn to be humble, have a desire to serve and that all the glory is for God. In our callings, we have to magnify them and magnify them for God, magnify them to build up the kingdom of God and be willing to accept whatever calling may come our way. We can't say "I want a calling, just not that calling that you are giving me."  God needs people who have the ambition for Christ and want to serve how, where, and in what they may. We need people who are ready to work and willing to grow because they are the army of God. They are the true and faithful and chosen people of God.

So I invite you all to work on being beloved leaders in all that you do, in school, at work, at home, in the street, and to learn to be humble and willing to serve so that God can build you up and make you into what you were always meant to be.

Well I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Con amor,

Hermana Lutze!

P.S. I'll see you in 6 months!

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