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Rachael's Picture

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 54 (Humility-What is Right Not Who!)

Well this week was genial! It went by so fast!

Monday was a normal P-day - clean the house, kill the cucarachas, wash my clothes the old fashioned way, stare at a computer for an hour and  a half, go to the coolest meeting ever and then finish it with a missionary "sleepover" where we actually just sleep and we don't even stay up late. ;) Mondays are always good and productive. That is what I like about them!

Tuesday In the morning we prepared for our capacitation that we are giving next Tuesday. And let me just say that it is going to be awesome! Then in the evening we started our grand service project! We (hermanas lideres and lideres de zona) are going to go to all the areas of  the missionaries in our zone and bring them a poster and little gift and work in their areas to try to animarles (motivate them) and help them feel our love for them! Today we went to the Ranchitos (Bermejillo y Cuauhtemoc). They were so happy to see us! They liked their little gifts and poster! It was nothing big, la verdad, but it is really the thought that counts and that we were there in person. We stayed with them and went to go sing to their investigators. It was a great day of service!

Wednesday we worked some more on the capacitation. Then in the evening we got to work in our area! Yay! We  made some good contacts and found some new investigators! One is a young woman who has a problem cutting herself because her parents don't pay attention to her. I hope her mom lets her listen to us because, la verdad, she needs help from her Heavenly Father.  Overall it was a dia tranquilo.

Thursday we had a Junta con los asistentes. It was actually a very good, productive meeting. We talked about what problems we are facing in our zones and this time we actually came up with SOLUTIONS and not just a bunch of scriptures to plancharles. and for that reason I liked it because I think we came up with some good ideas that are going to help us a lot in our zones. Then we all ate pizza together!! Yay!!! It was a good start of the day! Then we returned to our area and worked a little, until it started to storm really bad. So we went to the church to work on the capacitation some more with the Lideres de Zona. Oh, and by the way, the people say that as of this day, it will start to be cold. Ya empieza el frio.

Friday Well it's true, it's starting to get colder here! But colder here is like 70s and 80s. I will not complain because it feels so good in comparison to the 90s! The morning was again spent on the capacitation. No me diga! This capacitation is taking forever to make. However, it will be truly amazing once it is finished!! In the evening we went to pick up Joseph and his family so that he could go to mutual and his mom to Relief Society. They had a great time at the activities! We are working really hard so that Joseph can be baptized. (his mom is member). We are trying to help him have good friends at church so that he likes going to church and activities ;). We played a little with the Jovenes and then we went to correlacion misional.

Saturday we finally finished the capacitation!! Yaya!  We went to la comida and then visited all the people we need to attend church on Sunday. We found Thomas and he accepted a baptismal date! Also, Joseph and his mom and brother are going to go with us as well! It's going to be a good Sunday!

Sunday Thomas and Joseph both went to church!! Yay!! That made the whole day wonderful! After church, I ate my first brownie in over a year! Wow, it was amazing! I'm going to have to eat more brownies in about 6 months. Then we ate an amazing comida de pollo verde! So good So good! Afterwards, we had to run off to go and visit more missionaries with the elders (good thing they have a good bus system here because the areas are far, far away). It was a great finish to the week! 

Monday, well today I cleaned.........a lot. We deep cleaned our house because the hermanas are going to basically live with us for 3 days because of meetings and interviews and such. So now the house is really, really clean and beautiful! I think it is actually the cleanest house in all the mission ;). Hopefully that will help with the cucarachas. There are a lot here!! Each night I have to kill about 4 or 5! So, I am now practically a professional cucaracha killer ;)

This week I have learned a lot about "if you want to be the greatest in the kingdom you have to be the servant" and submitting to the will of others. As an Hermana lider, I see now how we have to serve and not try to make ourselves better than those we serve because we want to be the type of lider that inspires, encourages and elevates the level of performance. To do that you have to make everyone be better than yourself and the way to do that is to serve them, help them, and nourish them. I am learning to love on a whole new level. I have learned to submit. There are just some things in life that aren't worth fighting over. With my companion I am learning to just let her do things her way because those things are not going to change our eternal destiny. So I try to love and help her in any way I can. We have to remember that this is not a popularity contest. We are not here to gain position for popularity or prestige. We have to remember that we are not even here to do our will or the will of others. We are only here to do the will of our Heavenly Father.  Therefore, when we work with other people, other members, etc. we have to learn to work together and get things done. We can't afford to be divided. We have to learn to accept others and be united in purpose. It's true we are not going to get along with everyone on the planet or everyone in our ward or seminary, etc. But we can learn to be kind and courteous and to be united in purpose. I have learned that we can't live in conflict. because the spirit of contention is not of God. If we make an error we need to be humble enough to accept it, ask forgiveness, and change. I have also learned this week to humble myself, even if I am correct on the matter, I have learned to humble myself and ask forgiveness on my part. To be humble so we can work for what is really important in this life.  

Well, this is my invitation to you all, that you can be humble in all aspects and situations. Even if you are correct or think your way is better, be humble. Humility is when we worry about what is right and not who is right. It is hard, but it is what helps us move on in life and live happily in every type of relationship.

I love you all!!! 


Hermana Lutze

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